Hi there, thank you very much! I love this review! :0)
For the review on A Memory Of Moss by Realist101
Hi Realist,

This is a very well written flash piece and a good contest entry. Yikes, what a horrible ending. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Jan 12-Feb-2021

Hi Jan,
Thank you for the six,sparkling,star review. The times we're living through are certainly more than trying.
God bless, take care and keep sharing,
the Duchess
For the review on Off My Face Drunk; the Way to Be by duchessofdrumborg
Hi Duchess,

Excellent write, as always. These are surely tough times we are living through & trauma often triggers substance use/abuse &/or relapses. Thx for sharing! Jan 11-Jul-2020

Welcome back, dear Jan! I'm more excited to see you than this review. I thought you had left FanStory. I will fan you now. Oh, and thank you for the lovely review. :)
Sal xoxo
For the review on Clue by Sally Law
Hi Sally, This is a great play on words and a super contest entry. Nothing here for me to suggest you consider editing. Nicely done! Good luck in the contest! Jan 10-Jul-2020

Thank you so much, Jan! I'm so glad to see you back! Patch and PC are very honored that you liked this so much. Yes, we'll keep in mind about the font. Blessings!
For the review on Saving Humans by lyenochka
Hi Lyenochka,

I love this!!! Well worthy of a 6er! Very nicely written and so true. I would only suggest you might consider using a plain font as we do have some visually impaired members. Nice work, my friend! 10-Jul-2020

Jan, thank you for your nice review. Glad I made you smile. As I was restricted on the word count, the mane was more her long fluffy tail :)
For the review on Love at First Sight by SixFtLion (Suzanna)
Hahaha! Great flash contest entry. Absolutely love the ending. Not certain squirrels have manes, but no matter. Best of luck in the competition & thanks for the chuckle! Jan 10-Jul-2020

Thank our very much, Jan.
For the review on Bridezilla and the Superglue by Sally Law
Hahaha! Good ending here! And a great fpash entry. Best of luck to you in the competition. Nothing I can see here to suggest you consider changing. Jan 09-Jul-2020

For the review on Fireworks! by HealingMuse
I liked how it all came together;-)
Well written and a very good read;-)

I appreciate and thank you so very much for sharing and may God bless you and your family;-)

Thank you, Muse! I see the great minds think alike in picking our site names (smile).
For the review on Fireworks! by HealingMuse
Very witty, I loved it! A cute surprise ending, with the "grocery packaging association's convention." This should be a winner, I read many entries in this contest, yours was the most original!

Good luck in the contest. 09-Jul-2020

You're welcome
For the review on Fireworks! by HealingMuse
It is a very interesting story. I like how it ended. A well told story. I like it. Well written. Excellent work! No grammatical errors. Thanks for sharing! Good luck on the contest! 09-Jul-2020

Hi Jan. LOL Now I remember you. LOL Where have you been? So sorry I didn't connect the dots with your handle. Please forgive me. You were always a wonderful fan and a very talented writer. Thanks for the six stars. I see what you mean, but it really seems okay...I changed it to "The" door though just to see if there is any more comments on it. bless you and please come back, by all means, Jan. : ) Bob
For the review on Winnetka by Mastery
Chapter 4 of the book The Deceivers
Hi. Glad to see you are writing another! ???

As always, very well written.

One question for your considerarion:

"He needed to see the look on a killer's face when he knocked on their door and showed his badge."

I am sticking on the word their. It doesn't seem to agree with a singular individual.

Thanks for sharing!

Jan 08-Jul-2020

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