You are very welcome, Helena
For the review on On The Journey To Love by Helena Frances
Well written, good rhyming and a pleasure to read. I gather this is a wish for a beloved grandchild as they are entering into marriage. As grandmothers, we pray for them every day, and that they will meet the one who God has planned for them and be happy. 09-Feb-2021

Thank you.
For the review on Caned Reflection by victortouche
Great--from the illustration, which is a poem in itself, right to the end!
You gave a simple object an endless possibility of stories-from fun to embarrassing:)
I really enjoyed this. Hope to read more of your writing.

Thank you.
For the review on Street Chaff by victortouche
The picture tells the story, and you re-tell it
in your verse.
A sad, lonely tale of isolation, self-imposed, or not.
Choices, and consequences---hard lessons.
Powerful piece! 29-Jan-2021

You are welcome
For the review on Words by Helena Frances
Great entry for the contest, hope you do well. Children learn far more from example than by what they are told. What a responsibility parents have to to always set a good example. 20-Jan-2021

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about An Eagle's Tears....please take heart.
our country is innately comprised of good people.
We do need to open our hearts and our minds to the power of Spirit in our nation and start to heal the deep divides we have fostered. And we will!
For the review on An Eagle's Tears by sammielwf
I have avoided writing as I'm still processing the horror and sadness.
You have summarized in few words the damage done. I join you in your hope for the future. Best wishes in the contest:) 10-Jan-2021

No I didn't see a previous response. You are welcome. Happy New Year.
For the review on 2020: More Than A Virus by Helena Frances
Very well done. Truly this year has revealed what is really in our hearts. I like how you started out - the pandemic unmasked selflessness and selfishness. Hopefully we have all learned from it and will be better in the coming year. 01-Jan-2021

I wasn't sure if it had to be exactly 25 words--if so, it gets dicey when you use compound words--never got an answer from Tom as to how judges count them. Regardless, you're under the limit!
For the review on Self-confidence by Helena Frances
Poignant and wry observation, skillfully construed in one sentence. Sugg: indicate in notes that you are counting components of hyphenated words as separate words so as to cover yourself re the contest. 27-Dec-2020

You stay safe too
For the review on Not Just A Day by Helena Frances
Very true. Distance thanksgiving under the current environment can be a sign of caring and loving. Staying in touch is better than meeting once a year on Thanksgiving day. 25-Nov-2020

Yes, good change. The poem is definitely stronger!
For the review on Not Just A Day by Helena Frances
I appreciate the message of your wee Thanksgiving poem, even though we do not celebrate that day in this part of the world.

I do have a query about whether the two lines actually work together. The first suggests that giving thanks or expressing gratitude need not be reserved for this one day. The second spells out the message that in this time of pandemic, it is wiser to celebrate alone. Perhaps the poem would be stronger if you kept to one message and the two lines reinforced one another?

Steve 23-Nov-2020

For the review on Anger by Helena Frances
It is better for us to think before we act. If we let our emotions run our lives, our character runs out of control. But if we step back, take a breath and think before we act or speak, so much more can come of it. When said in anger to a loved one or not, it effects the relationship that was so tenderly built. Great job portraying a much needed word in such a simple way. Best of luck:) 18-Nov-2020

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