Comments For Sick Memories by Susanne M. Psyris

All great stories - I feel this is the best written.

Powerful in raw emotion. It stays with you. Y.

Comments For Gramps and Jadon by Dr. Nad

So funny and so true!

Comments For Remembering A Childhood Day by prettybluebirds

I picked this story because it was interesting and she/he was keeping on topic and her grammar and her punctuations are good.

Comments For I Remember When Life Rocked? by Liberty Justice

HIGHLY Inspirational and makes
me smile to hear about memories
that were my exact memories, also.
THANK YOU writer for making me smile.

Comments For That's My Mom by victor 66

That's My Mom was so moving and great. It is awesome.

Comments For No Girls Allowed! You're Joking? by country ranch writer

girls have fun to trying to fit into a mans world

Loved this.

A military Captain dunks himself in a dirty river