War and History Poetry posted November 9, 2020

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This is about the recent election.

The Life of a Conservative.

by Becky Kern-Taylor

When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad, worked very, very hard.
By doing so they knew a better life was their reward.
I never questioned anything, that's just the way it was.
But I was young and innocent and happy just because.

The war was finally over, Dad had made it home alive.
Immediately he started working so we could survive.
We lived in Veterans barracks, cause Dad qualified for one.
I had a lot of friends to play with, had a lot of fun.

Then after just a year or so, my parents figured out.
That they could build a brand new home, they never had a doubt.
It really was exciting, every evening for a year.
We worked so hard and finally knew success was very near.

We had a lot of help, from relatives and friends and such.
And Dad was very grateful and he knew he owed them much.
But that's what people did back then, they helped each other out.
They didn't need the government, that's not what it's about.

Today is very different, people seem to need a crutch.
And they rely on government for very very much.
But that's not how it ought to be, we need to get this straight.
That everyone should do their best and carry their own weight.

Do not neglect the old and sick, for them we need to care.
But able-bodied people should be working everywhere.
We were not put on earth to be dependent to survive.
Just celebrate your freedom and your right to be alive.

You know some people will be rich, who earned it eagerly.
But if you're rich God knows if you acquired it legally.
Conservatives believe that you deserve your just rewards.
You must decide how hard you want to work for those awards.

Try to always do what's right and make your conscience your guide.
You must choose the path you take, make sure you're on the right side.
Socialism never works, your rights will go down the drain.
If our country turns to that, I'm sure we'll all feel the pain.

What are we to do? I don't know if we all have a choice.
We had an election and we hope they all heard our voice.
But if there were cheaters, they're the ones who wanted the change.
Following the socialists will surely be very strange.

But for now, the only thing that I think will make it right.
Is for us to pray to God to help us win the fight.
Pray for freedom and let's hope that maybe someone will tell.
How they cheated, what they did, and then they won't go to hell.

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