Biographical Non-Fiction posted November 16, 2020

This work has reached the exceptional level
lost my sense of humor

Time to come back

by Sasha

I have obviously been gone a long time. I lost a dear friend and have been in a dark mood. I lost track of how long I have been away but think it has been a couple of years. My sense of humor has disappeared and without it, I am lost. My dear friend Veronica and Agustin have been a blessing. Without trying they can still make me laugh; that's a good start.

I have become a total TV addict. Megacable has more than 1500 channels making it necessary to move down the screen at least 1200 channels before finding one that can be watched. They just made a knew one called SKY and it eliminates the need to scan for 30 minutes before being able to watch television. It has some nifty add one's too. You can choose the type of show you want, series, movie, popular, comedy and so on. I personally like 'movies'. It also allows you to switch from Spanish to English. Shows made in Spain can only be shown in Spanish but all others can be switched to English. The only problem is I continuously need Agu (Agustin) to help me find the right buttons to push on the control. I have developed a bad hobbit of getting up to tell Agu (Agustin's nickname) tip tell him I am watching a great movie only to return and it is over and I missed the ending and have to Google it to find out how it ended. I am into scary or emotionally disturbing movies lately. I do not enjoy being scarred and often Google it before watching to find out if I won't have bad dreams.

Not much more to say other than I hope to be posting more of my rambles and get my sense of hummer back.

As you can tell I still cannot spell, have terrible grammar, and have no imagination and cannot write decent story. All that said, I hope to post a few Rambles in the near future.



Many of you may not know me since I've been gone a couple of years. ::life has been tough and it may take awhile to get my since of humor back again. I am still blind and my poor typing has not improved.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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