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A small boy is plagued by unwanted visitors

The Visitors

by Mr. Green

It was late, Johnny had to find a way to get some sleep. It had been four days since he'd gotten more than an hour or two of decent sleep. His body was exhausted. He slowly looked around his bedroom, everything was normal, but everything was normal the last time..., until it wasn't.

He pulled the blankets up over his shoulders and held them tightly, praying it would not happen again. He fought to stay awake, but as the hours passed, they closed and he would open them, but pretty soon he gave up the fight, and his body began to feel weightless once again.

Johnny tried to wake up, but his eyes wouldn't open. "No!" he could hear a voice calling out in his head. "Leave me alone," the voice in his head was yelling. "NO! NO! Not again!" the voice cried out. It was his voice, he was screaming, he was fighting them.

His body was frozen, he couldn't move, he couldn't wake up. He could only listen to his voice. Listen to the battle going on inside of him. There was no sense of time passing, finally his eyes opened, and he noticed the bedding was tangled about his body.

His sweat was soaked into the sheets. He could feel the heavy beating of his heart, deep inside his chest. His hands gripped tightly to the blankets as he forced himself to breath slowly, trying to calm down.

After several moments, he sat up, Johnny felt like he had done it, finally he thought. He had stopped them. Pulling the blankets back, he put his feet on the floor and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

But when he went to fill the glass with water, he noticed there were new puncture wounds on his arm. His hand began to shake, then the glass fell to the floor and shattered.

Running to the bathroom he looked in the mirror searching his body, and saw a small scar just behind, and under his right ear lobe. There was another small scar just below his naval. Johnny was beginning to remember the pain.

So much pain.

When he walked out of the bathroom his mom was standing in the kitchen, she asked him what had fallen. He was seventeen years old, and couldn't think of a way to explain what he had been going through, so he lied.

That was eight years ago.

After 10 years of alien contact. There was one thing he learned. He would have to live with these visitations. He would not know when, or where they would happen, but they would happen again, and again, for as long as he was alive.

That realization brought him to certain conclusions. He would never marry, he would never have children, he would never allow himself to fall in love, and deep down he knew he would never be free of them.

Three years ago, he allowed them to teach him things, things like how to talk to them how to communicate which was something he desperately needed to learn with the hope of better handling the fear he felt deep down every time they would come.

He learned quickly and they had promised him that they would only visit when they needed to look in on him.

If he would do something for them.

He knew, for them to ask him for anything, for them to make that kind of promise, whatever they were wanting him to do, it had to be something they desperately needed.

He didn't care what it was, if it meant no more medical procedures, no more nights of dreading to fall asleep. Whatever it was, John was willing to do it.

The last time he was on board their ship, John was introduced to a small boy about six years old. Born of their blood, and he would learn, born of his blood as well. Genetically modified to look more human than alien.

John was told the boy was his son, but he was also very special to them, and if he would take the boy and raise him on earth as his own, they would one day come back to free John from his promise, and to take his son with them to the stars.

As the years passed John felt a closeness to the boy. He watched him grow strong in sports and he learned fast. He learned everything fast, and the bond between them grew until one day without thinking, he just told his son that he loved him.

John told himself that could not happen again. He could not allow that to happen, but it did, and when he heard those very same words from his son's lips, a familiar fear returned. He could not let them take him, not the boy he raised, not his son.

Somehow, he had to find a way to stop them. He was no longer that teenager who hid under his blankets. He was a genetic engineer working for NASA, He was more familiar with them now..., and he had someone in his life, he had to protect.

This time he would break his promise.

Just a short story, brought about by my imagination, after watching; "NASA's Unsolved Mysteries"
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