Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted January 26, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
Real raw strength is within us all - we need to connect!


by Melodie Michelle

I'm thankful to my partner, Stephen for showing me my own strength when I wasn't quite able to see it for myself! Eventually, I grew accustomed to my gathered strength and I'm mastering it!
Real raw strength
is something
you are born with
but it takes
challenging situations
for it to be
mastered enough
so that you
can pull
just the
right amount
out of you
to make it just
a bit farther
down the road
you're traveling,
when you don't think
you can go any further ...

It seems the more
you go through in life,
the more strength
you acquire
by seeing the
challenges faced
from those adversities ...
It's harder to
find the courage
than you think!

Have you ever
just taken a moment
to say to yourself,
"How did I ever
withstand that"?
You don't feel
very strong
after those
rough journeys
that you conquered,
but you realize
that you had to have
found the durability
just to have
those emotions inside ...

I'm amazed
at the resilience
I've had when facing
the darkest
periods of my life.
Of course,
I didn't notice
that when I was
in the midst
of the storm,
only afterwards!
Then it seemed
crystal clear
that I barely
had enough fortitude
to have survived
that situation of pain ...

I've been
in the bathroom,
looking long and hard
at myself
in the mirror,
with lots of tears
running down my face,
and with me
begging that woman
in the reflecting surface,
to just stop crying ...
Just stop!

That is real pain,
searing RAW torture
and it was almost
But somehow,
after a shaky
few moments,
I was able
to cease the tears
and to gather
myself together in
the best way that
I knew how ...
That being said
it certainly
took backbone,
and a LOT of it!
That courage had
to come
from a place
deep within,
in order for me
to press on
despite all
the horrific agony
that was encased
around me ...

Next time,
I will be totally aware
of my feelings
and of the challenging
situation I'm facing ...
I will notice the toughness
I've exhibited
throughout other situations,
several different times.
It takes quite a bit
of resolve
for any individual
to display
that particular level
of fearlessness ...

I don't give myself
enough credit
for being the hero
in my own life ...
It takes a
true champion
to handle what
I've had to grasp ...
Otherwise, I would've
remained broken
and miserable
in my daily existence,
never getting past
the skepticism
that life would
most certainly
decide to throw at me
as a human being ...

So I love my
and I'm thankful
that I was able
to protect myself
and save
me personally
as someone ...
who is
extremely strong ...
I'm mastering
my deepest soul ...
I will embrace that
knowledge today
because that is the
epitome of wisdom
and strength!
I'm a total
and complete wonder!


We wonder sometimes how on earth we got through that situation? How were we strong enough because we certainly didn't feel strong.
It's a process of knowledge in ones self that causes our strength inside to grow! We just don't fully realize it sometimes until after the fact!
Mastering ones self is the beginning of all knowledge, wisdom and strength;-)

You have to dig deep into your soul (which is made up of your mind, your will and your emotions) to discover yourself. When you discover yourself you will be happy (happiness comes from within, not from an outside person, thing or place! Happiness is a choice) and therein lies your passion, which will give you your sense of purpose and direction!
You will see that you are definitely your own hero;-)
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