Supernatural Fiction posted March 14, 2021

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A man must chose the painful world he knows or the unknown


by Aiden Redhouse


RYKER, early 30s, runs terrified through the GORGE. His disheveled clothing clings to him with sweat. Panic controls Ryker's face but not his movements. He knows this gorge and every step lands perfectly. SHOUTING is heard in the distance, but it, like the hollow's sandstone walls, is closing in.


20 heavily armed and uniformed men are hitting the same marks Ryker hit moments earlier. Unlike Ryker these men are meticulous. If they are sweating, you can't tell. They are faceless, appear fearless, and pursue him with electric batons. Leading the FACELESS is COMMANDER LAANDER. He wears no mask, and looks determined to catch Ryker soon.

Stop Now, you fool!

Ryker doesn't even bat an eye at the order. He continues hauling it and seems to have picked up speed. He's getting close to his destination. And there it is, the end of the line. A CAVE which connects the Gorge's walls. Ryker sees the BOUNDARY, a solid red spray painted line, and hesitates, causing him to trip and slam into the rocky ground just beyond the line.

He slowly pushes himself off the ground and Laander and the faceless stand eerily still approximately 30 feet from the red line. They dare not cross it.
Ryker, step back over the Boundary. You know the rules. What we have to offer is better than the DARKNESS.

Ryker starts to back up toward the cave. It is deafeningly quiet.

Ryker, we can help.
I know what your help means. (beat) Anything is better than that.

Ryker takes one more step back - his foot penetrates the cave's shadow. As his heal lands, a large black form spreads out from the cave. It expands into the light spreading like wings on either side of the gorge. It wraps itself around Ryker and sucks him in.

Write A Script contest entry

I was hoping to secure an image of a cave's entrance, but was unable to find pictures without people in them. At any rate, all credit for the picture provided goes to : "A few pictures from Conkle�??�?�¢??s Hollow State Nature Preserve shot on iPhone." by iAryeh is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
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