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The genie reunites with the professor's dogs

A chapter in the book 12 Wishes Around the Globe (2nd ed)

Chapter 8

by Ben B.

Chapter 8: ...And Twelve Wishes

In a house not far from the one with all the calamity going on, an aging beagle picked up an ear in the middle of his sleep. It barked its head off and limped its tired old bones to the next room and woke up the pug with the milky eye. The pug tried to go back to sleep but the beagle insisted. The pug herself started barking when she caught on what the beagle was trying to do.

"There you two are," the genie floated in.

Neither of the dogs could believe that it was really her. They've both waited for such a long time now. The genie kneeled as best she could to the floor with her tail and she petted the dogs as best she could without her hands bursting into smoke.

"Easy you two. You guys must be what, twelve by now?" the genie assumed. "Don't sprain your tails on me."

The pug smiled at her and looked at her expectantly.

"All right," the genie smiled, "I'll wag mine." Her tail waved side to side.

The beagle whined and rubbed his head as best he could on the genie's hand remembering how fragile it was. The pug looked at the genie and snorted.

"You two wouldn't believe the day I'm having. It's been insane; even by my standards." The genie sighed, "Do you two know where the professor is? He has some explaining to do."

"What's going on in there?" cried out an old man.

The genie called out hopefully, "Professor?"

To her disappointment, an entirely different old man with no hair and a big nose walked into the room. He was tying up his robe and didn't look pleased.

"It must be what, one in the morning?" the man asked the dogs, ignoring the genie.

"Sir," the genie came up to the man, "I can explain."

"If you need to go to the bathroom, the pet door is wide open," the old man pointed to the back of the house.

The genie snapped her fingers in front of the man's eyes and wondered, "Can you see me?"
No response. The genie stretched her cheeks and stuck her tongue out. Nothing.

Then she stretched her tail and made a jump rope out of it. For a moment it looked like she had something, but the man asked, "What are you two staring at?" He barely glanced at the genie the dogs were staring at.

The genie flew in circles around the man as fast as she could. The dogs were amused by the show, but the man just stared at his dogs like they were nuts as both the beagle and the pug started circling their heads.

"I'll never understand you little furballs. How Barnes put up with you two is beyond me." The old man shook his head and returned to his bed.

"He couldn't see me," the genie flopped down to the ground, "as normal."

The dogs joined her by her sides.

"Then it's true, I have four masters now." She threw her hands up in the air. "Four!"
The beagle whined sympathetically.

"And each of them gets three for pulling me out of bed. That means I owe them..." she counted on her fingers and reached, "...twelve?!"

The pug snorted at the revelation.

"If only I could understand you two," the genie sighed.

Both dogs grumbled something.

"You two better skip town," the genie warned. "It's going to be a calamity."

Gina (formerly known as â??the genieâ??): found by her four masters inside a gemstone globe. She serves her four masters twelve wishes.
ï?§ Originally Gina was purple with a traditional purple and gold harem costume and covered in gold jewels. Her eyes were yellow and her hair is black. Her hair used to tie on the top of her head. She wore golden bracelets which kept her tied to her curse.
ï?§ Gina spends most of the story green. She wore a blue shirt and a dark blue leather jacket with a golden zipper. The golden bracelets remained on.
ï?§ For the duration of the Christmas chapters, Gina wore a red jacket with a red scarf. A streak of her hair was dyed red.
ï?§ When Gina arrived in the Realm of Expulsion, she lost her tail and gained legs. She wore jeans and brown boots.
ï?§ After her curse broke, her skin became tan and her wrists became scarred. Her hair was blue and her eyes became an unnatural shade of blue.
Barry: college freshman and grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke and craft smoke screens. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Before the fourth wish, Barry was short and skinny.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ The sixth wish gave him his super hero costume. The costume consists of a light gray Gentlemenâ??s cloak, dark gray boots and gloves, a dark gray cowl, a gray scarf, and two single edged swords.
ï?§ He was T-Rex during the second wish.
Ryan: Barryâ??s loyal but obnoxious cousin and the professorâ??s second grandson. He is also one of Ginaâ??s four masters.
ï?§ He is large and hairy.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ After the fifth wish, he gained a scruffy beard and a tattoo of a gorilla head on his chest.
ï?§ He was a giant bumble bee during the second wish.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, he was temporarily an anime cartoon with fancy armor and spikey hair. His anime eyes were ridiculously huge.

Lilly: College senior and an athlete. She is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ She is half Asian with an athletic build.
ï?§ Prior to the fifth wish, she kept her hair short down to her neck.
ï?§ After the fifth wish she allowed her hair was grown passed down her shoulders.
ï?§ During the second wish she was a red dragon.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, she was an anime cartoon with fancy armor, purple hair, and huge eyes.
Wesley: College senior and son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Usually, he is handsome with wavy blonde hair.
ï?§ He gained a beard after the fifth wish.
ï?§ The eighth wish turned him into an exact lookalike of the Artificer.
The Artificer: lead antagonist that was released from the Cage of Atlantis.
ï?§ His appearance is a hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle. He has the legs of the bird and feathered wings on his back. His skin is gray and rough. His eyes are yellow and blank.
ï?§ Sometimes he wore bronze plated armor. Whenever he battled he used a crystal sword and a weaponâ??s belt full of trinkets.
The Professor: the original own of the genie and professor of archeology. His final wish misfired which is the reason why Gina was living in a globe rather than an oil lamp.
ï?§ He is an old man with glasses. He walked with a cane due to his bad leg.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as part of the first wish. He is in charge of the submarine
ï?§ He is a steel man with a line of green glass for an eye and a speaker for a mouth. Each hand has six finger with two opposing thumbs. He also has a jet pack built into his back.
ï?§ When the submarine
Chiyoko: an anime cartoon character who crossed over to the real world by mistake. She is a medium who can see spirits and therefore can see Gina.
ï?§ In both the anime world and the real one, she is a 2d cartoon in black and gold armor. Her long hair is white and braided.
ï?§ She carries a silver sword with red edges and a ruby on it pommel.
Alninza: Deceased priestess of Atlantis. She fused her spirit into Gina without telling anyone so she could guide Gina to her freedom someday.
ï?§ During the tenth wish, she is described as a transparent woman in purple robes, pale skin, blue hair, white eyes under golden eye liner, and a golden ceremonial staff floated in the air. The edges of her body shimmered white.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their head simultaneously.
ï?§ They are enormous beings made out of tar. They each have two heads with four arms
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