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As if 4 masters wasn't bad enough, the genie's troubles grow

A chapter in the book 12 Wishes Around the Globe (2nd ed)

Chapter 9

by Ben B.

"Ryan, for the last time, no one spiked the drinks," a weary Barry grunted as he shared his late-night coffee with Wesley and Lilly on the living room couch.

"How do you know that?" Ryan had a red cup in his hand and sniffed it hard, not that he was sure what he was sniffing for. "Things got trippy the second I opened up that second keg." He pointed to the one where the creature burst out from. "More than a coincidence, don't you think?"

"You never drank from it," Barry reminded him. "None of us did. And we all saw the same things you did."

"How do I know you're all here?" Ryan jogged up to Barry and examined him, "How do I know this isn't all a bizarre dream? Come to think of it, this whole day has been non-stop nonsense. First a hot girl too good to be true," he pointed straight at Lilly, "showed up randomly and gave me the party I've always wanted. Then a bunch spooks showed up right when things were getting good. Classic nightmare twist."

"Wow." Lilly finished her coffee. "Flattering yet insulting at the same time." As she put her cup down she caught Wesley caressing a fine china cup. "And would you quit manhandling those antiques," she snatched the cup from Wesley, "before some tea demon comes popping out?" She pointed the cup at his nose.

Nothing came out of the cup, but a purple blur did zoom through the wall and flew right over Lilly's head. The china cup shattered as Lilly covered her head with her arms as she started running around screaming. Ryan and Wesley joined in on the panic. Barry almost did the same but chose to take peak at the study where the blur flew in instead.

"Guys," Barry yelled out. "Guys!" That second scream got their attention. "It's the purple one."

"The one who didn't try to kill us?" Ryan asked.

Barry took another peek and nodded yes. He crept through the door and everyone else followed in as light on their feet as they could.

"Not here," the genie stuck her head out of the desk. She flew to the top of the bookshelves and looked, "Not there."

"Lost something?" Barry asked before the others had a chance to shush him.

The genie looked down behind her from the air, "The real Barry, right?" she asked him.

"Yes..." he answered.

The genie flew down to him, "Did your grandfather leave you a message? A letter. Or something."

"Message?" Barry tried to remember but recollected no such thing. "I don't think so."

The genie continued her search, "Somewhere in this house, the professor left a message in case something bad happened to him." She peered her head into a porcelain vase and her voice echoed, "Clearly something did." She popped her head back out. "We need to find it and figure out what happened back there."

"We don't even know what's happening now!" a freaked-out Ryan whined.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Lilly suggested pretending to be calm.

The genie stopped zooming around, "He spent his last wish trying to free me from my old oil lamp." The genie descended to the desk chair, "He freed me all right, but instead of releasing me into the actual world like he wanted I must have been transferred to that globe."

"Wait, we get wishes?" Wesley's ears picked up. So did Ryan and Lilly's.

"Genie," she pointed at herself, "duh! But we need to find the professor. Clearly his last wish misfired. I don't know what the wish did to him. He could be anywhere." A thousand and one horrible thoughts came to the genie's head. "Or anything."

"Like a stroke?" Lilly asked the genie. "He died last year from one."

"Last year?" The genie sat up from the chair and looked at eight-year old Barry's photo, "How old are you now?" she asked him.

Wanting to know what she was looking at, Barry walked around the desk and stood next to the purple genie to see what photo she was looking at. "Eighteen," he answered.

"Nine years?" Puzzled, the genie sank back into the chair. "And he never came back for me?"

"That doesn't sound like him," Barry wouldn't believe it.

"Grandpa was many things," Ryan stated finally easing in the situation, "but I find it hard to believe he would forget an entire genie."

"Surely there's someone around who knows what happened," Barry told her.

"I already found his dogs," the genie sighed, "Unless one of you speaks 'bark,' I don't think they'll be much help."

"What about your other friend?" Wesley suggested, "Maybe he knows."

"Friend?" The genie sat up. "What other friend?"

"You know, big guy. Lives in a black box," Wesley pointed his thumb to where the hallway was. "Travels via black goo. Likes to kill everyone. Lives in a black box. Probably the love child of a gargoyle and a vulture."

The genie blinked once at Wesley. Without warning, she burst through the desk and study door, grazing Lilly, and Wesley with a faint smoke trail. Several rooms away everyone heard her scream, "By the goddess!" Through the cracks of the study door, the four of them saw flashes of purple light followed by cackles of thunder.

"I think we ticked her off." Barry was half ready to duck back under the desk.
The genie burst back through the door, scaring everyone with her angry face.

"How?!" the genie demanded to know, "The key was destroyed!"

Wesley gulped, "A chisel."

"Chisel?" The genie laughed hysterically to herself. "Bet the box was made in Shangri-La."

The purple lady started circling in the air and rambled to herself, "Most people need wishes to get themselves into this much trouble. These bubble heads didn't even start yet and they already triggered the end of the world." She rubbed her black hair and squeezed her ponytail in frustration. "Can this day get any worse?"

"What is that chest back there anyway?" Barry pointed to the living room.

"The Cage of Atlantis," the genie pouted. "It was used to captivate the desecrated continent and all of its monsters, including the Artificer, whom I believe you guys already met."

"Monsters?" Lilly shrieked.

"Artificer?" Ryan wondered if the genie meant the winged gray man.

"You know, a specialist who crafts magical artifacts for a living?" the genie explained. "Pay was low, but it came with great benefits."

"Atlantis. Sure why not?" Wesley laugh-cried to himself. "Does that mean we should grab our deep diving helmets?"

The genie eye rolled. "Why does everyone keep thinking that? It's an island. It's over the water. Not under. Its water parks weren't even that great."

"Now that the creatures are out, what are they going to do?" Barry asked keeping the important things in track.

"Same thing as last time, I imagine." The genie looked up to the ceiling and rambled, "The Artificer will find a way to get his pets off the island and raid the world."

"You're serious?" Wesley asked with sweat dripping from nerves he was holding back. The genie's silence spoke volume to him.

"Maybe you were right, Ryan" Lilly worked up a headache, "maybe we should check those kegs."

"Sure, get hammered." The genie had the wrong impression what Lilly meant. "I might join you."

"Oh, shut up!" Lilly demanded.

The genie's golden bracelets glowed for a moment. Her head jerked and she sacred everyone when she lifted her face back up, scaring her four masters. Ryan came close to vomiting when he saw what just happened. She tried to say something, but couldn't thanks to her missing mouth. Nothing but purple skin took its place.

"Whoa." Lilly inspected the bracelets wide-eyed. "Did I do that?"

The genie nodded violently yes. The purple girl was not too amused with her situation but didn't seem too surprised, just frustrated.

"Sorry," Lilly apologized awkwardly, "you can have your mouth back."
The bracelets glowed again. The genie rubbed her lips when they returned, "I swear, if any of you idiots ask me to do the chicken dance, we'll just see how far your wishes will go!"

"Wishes..." Barry thought about it for a moment, "Can you repair the box?"

The genie's yellow eyes lit up for a moment but then she backed down, "No," she sat the professor's desk, "The forge used to craft it was destroyed a long time ago. My magic won't cut it."

"What was the professor doing with the box in the first place?" Lilly wanted to know.

"He wished for it," the genie watched Barry take news bomb by surprised and explained to him, "He asked 'the most powerful relic' to impress the university. The wish automated itself and we ended up with the Cage."

Barry breathed in relief knowing the wish was an accident.

"So, what now?" Lilly asked Barry and the genie.

Barry and the genie both thought about it. Barry came up with the answer first, "I'll use my wishes to travel to Atlantis and check out he situation, resolve it before it gets any worse, and then get back to you guys."

Everyone, genie included, asked Barry if he was crazy.

"Well I have to do something. And fast," Barry persisted. "How long do you think it would be before people notice that an entire continent popped up on the map?" Everyone looked at each other silently. "As far as I'm concerned, that chest is my inheritance. This is grandpa's wish we're dealing with. It's my responsibility now."

"Mine too, Barry." Ryan added reluctantly. "I'll pitch in, I suppose."

"But that's not fair," Lilly protested, "Wesley is the one who chiseled the damn thing."

"Well I didn't know, okay?" Wesley didn't appreciate Lilly's tattle tailing, "I'll contribute, of course, but do I have to spend all of my wishes? You guys will chip in, right?"

The word "chip" clicked something in Ryan's head. "I've got an idea." He ran for the door. "I'll be right back."

Character List and Descriptions
Gina (formerly known as â??the genieâ??): found by her four masters inside a gemstone globe. She serves her four masters twelve wishes.
ï?§ Originally Gina was purple with a traditional purple and gold harem costume and covered in gold jewels. Her eyes were yellow and her hair is black. Her hair used to tie on the top of her head. She wore golden bracelets which kept her tied to her curse.
ï?§ Gina spends most of the story green. She wore a blue shirt and a dark blue leather jacket with a golden zipper. The golden bracelets remained on.
ï?§ For the duration of the Christmas chapters, Gina wore a red jacket with a red scarf. A streak of her hair was dyed red.
ï?§ When Gina arrived in the Realm of Expulsion, she lost her tail and gained legs. She wore jeans and brown boots.
ï?§ After her curse broke, her skin became tan and her wrists became scarred. Her hair was blue and her eyes became an unnatural shade of blue.
Barry: college freshman and grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke and craft smoke screens. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Before the fourth wish, Barry was short and skinny.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ The sixth wish gave him his super hero costume. The costume consists of a light gray Gentlemenâ??s cloak, dark gray boots and gloves, a dark gray cowl, a gray scarf, and two single edged swords.
ï?§ He was T-Rex during the second wish.
Ryan: Barryâ??s loyal but obnoxious cousin and the professorâ??s second grandson. He is also one of Ginaâ??s four masters.
ï?§ He is large and hairy.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ After the fifth wish, he gained a scruffy beard and a tattoo of a gorilla head on his chest.
ï?§ He was a giant bumble bee during the second wish.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, he was temporarily an anime cartoon with fancy armor and spikey hair. His anime eyes were ridiculously huge.

Lilly: College senior and an athlete. She is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ She is half Asian with an athletic build.
ï?§ Prior to the fifth wish, she kept her hair short down to her neck.
ï?§ After the fifth wish she allowed her hair was grown passed down her shoulders.
ï?§ During the second wish she was a red dragon.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, she was an anime cartoon with fancy armor, purple hair, and huge eyes.
Wesley: College senior and son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Usually, he is handsome with wavy blonde hair.
ï?§ He gained a beard after the fifth wish.
ï?§ The eighth wish turned him into an exact lookalike of the Artificer.
The Artificer: lead antagonist that was released from the Cage of Atlantis.
ï?§ His appearance is a hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle. He has the legs of the bird and feathered wings on his back. His skin is gray and rough. His eyes are yellow and blank.
ï?§ Sometimes he wore bronze plated armor. Whenever he battled he used a crystal sword and a weaponâ??s belt full of trinkets.
The Professor: the original own of the genie and professor of archeology. His final wish misfired which is the reason why Gina was living in a globe rather than an oil lamp.
ï?§ He is an old man with glasses. He walked with a cane due to his bad leg.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as part of the first wish. He is in charge of the submarine
ï?§ He is a steel man with a line of green glass for an eye and a speaker for a mouth. Each hand has six finger with two opposing thumbs. He also has a jet pack built into his back.
ï?§ When the submarine
Chiyoko: an anime cartoon character who crossed over to the real world by mistake. She is a medium who can see spirits and therefore can see Gina.
ï?§ In both the anime world and the real one, she is a 2d cartoon in black and gold armor. Her long hair is white and braided.
ï?§ She carries a silver sword with red edges and a ruby on it pommel.
Alninza: Deceased priestess of Atlantis. She fused her spirit into Gina without telling anyone so she could guide Gina to her freedom someday.
ï?§ During the tenth wish, she is described as a transparent woman in purple robes, pale skin, blue hair, white eyes under golden eye liner, and a golden ceremonial staff floated in the air. The edges of her body shimmered white.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their head simultaneously.
ï?§ They are enormous beings made out of tar. They each have two heads with four arms
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