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The second wish battles

A chapter in the book 12 Wishes Around the Globe (2nd ed)

Chapter 13

by Ben B.

Chapter 13: The Second Wish Bites Back

Atlantis: a land brought back to the dead center of the Atlantic Ocean after thousands of years. Once a proud civilization, it was now a land of grave terror. Any remains of the old buildings that stood there were just rubble now. Countless creatures flew in the air, crawled on the land, and swam the sea around it. With the island's vegetation all but gone, the creatures basically resorted to eating each other.

Creatures of all kinds walked, slithered, and flew around the island looking for food. Some of them didn't bother to search and had already started attacking each other. A fight between a giant red eyed spider and an enormous bird with a cracked beak was cut short when they both sensed a presence in all directions.

At the north end of the island, a giant green snake with yellow eyes rose from the shore side. The patterns on its scales suggested it was a diamondback rattlesnake. Giant creatures were common on the island, but that snake was larger than any of them. It looked at itself a little confused but quickly drew its attention to the crowd of beings before it. The snake hissed and lunged at a giant, disgusting brown centipede, killing it instantly with its venom. Some creatures dared to retaliate against the snake, others coward away.

To east, a red dragon flew down from a cloud. It had trouble flying straight and swirled its flight patterns at first, but it quickly caught on. It started burning the borders of the island keeping everything from leaving it. Once finished with the border, it started to rain fire at the monsters directly, incinerating most of them.

From the south side, a giant bee about half the size of the dragon nearly crashed landed onto the island when it stormed out of its own cloud. It struggled to get back on its legs, but it managed. Motivated, it worked out its wings and launched itself into the air before four of the island's flying creatures tried to back a snack out of it. Once the bee was safe in the air, it gained a higher altitude proved itself the fastest flying beast on the island. With its stinger out, the bee attacked everyone it could find with its venomous stinger.

At the west coast of the island, an enormous, large Tyrannosaurus Rex roared in front of the setting sun. Any professional paleontologist would tell you that T-Rex was far too big to be the real deal. The dinosaur examined its short arms but quickly got its mind on gear with its mission ahead. The Rex heard a noise behind it and saw an army of robots flew passed it and go over its head. The T-Rex roared and marched forward to the direction the robots were headed.
In the island's forest of black trees, the Artificer finished stitching the wound on its cheek. He used a stash of medical supplies he hid in one of the trees a very long time ago. The same tree bared a belt of pouches full of trinkets and tiny potions. Something the Artificer was saving for a bad day and the event arrived sooner than he anticipated.

With a solid idea what was happening around him, the Artificer counted the trees around him as he searched the one, he was looking for. He found the tree and tore a branch off of it. The Artificer smashed the branch to the ground, shattering it into pieces. Amongst the splinters, a sword made of clear crystal laid on the ground. Its handle was gray blue with a crescent moon for a pommel.

The red dragon inhaled and was prepared for another ring of fire, but the Artificer lunged into the air and aimed for the dragon's wing with its sword. The collision would have been devastating to the dragon, but the bee flew in the way taking the blow. The bee crashed into a mound of rocks and laid there unconscious.

The Artificer and the dragon fought one on one for a short while. The dragon evaded the Artificer's slashes just as the Artificer dodged the beast's fiery attacks. With a potion from his belt, the Artificer flashed a flash bang into the dragon's eye. In response, the dragon flipped over and unintentionally tail whipped the Artificer towards the ground. The crystal sword went flying to who knows where.

With its prey on the ground, the diamondback launched at the Artificer. Spooked, the Artificer evaded the snake and its venomous teeth. The snake pursued the Artificer till the both of them met up with the T-Rex on the other side. The Artificer took two green pyramids from its weapons pouch and threw one at each of the monsters. An arc of green electricity came between the two and they were both pulled into each other, slamming into one another hard.

The dragon, now blind, crashed to the ground by the bee's side. Now awake, the bee returned to the air and attended to the air creatures that were trying to escape. The dragon's eyesight restored and joined the fight at the bee's side. The dragon then circled one last ring of fire around the remaining creatures.

The T-Rex and the diamondback worked together and did their best to pull each other off one another. The diamondback managed to wrestle itself free from the T-Rex and rolled off. Aware of its surroundings, the T-Rex spots the Artificer charging at it with the retrieved crystal sword. Reflexively, the T-Rex kicked the Artificer with its clawed foot and through the ring of fire the dragon made. The T-Rex and the diamondback both looked for their prey and found no sign of him and assumed him dead.

Together, the diamondback and the T-Rex circled around the fire ring finishing off anything that dared to cross through. The dragon circled over the ring keeping it hot. The bee and the robots stayed over the ring making sure no one flew out. The bee and robots finished off everything that was left. Only the four colossal beings and the robots remained alive. The island was now covered in bodies of all kinds.

The dragon, snake, bee, and T-Rex collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion. They looked at each other and conversed with whatever sounds they make. The snake hissed at something the bee said to it.

The genie, who was watching the whole thing from afar, made herself grow as she flew up to the four beings. "Beautiful! You did it! All of you!"

The dragon mumbled something and planted her chin on the ground. The T-Rex thanked the genie more enthusiastically.

"And there goes the sun." The genie and the others watched it go down on the horizon.

The four beings began to shrink down. Four clouds of purple smoke rose to the skies. The genie's yellow eyes widened when she saw the results.

"Genie!" Lilly cried up to her unamused. "Our clothes!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" The genie held a hand to the side of her face and looked away. Her purple cheeks flustered pink. "I'll be back when you guys are decent. I'm sure the machines will find you some robes."

The genie flew as far as she could faintly hearing master's complaints behind her.

Gina (formerly known as â??the genieâ??): found by her four masters inside a gemstone globe. She serves her four masters twelve wishes.
ï?§ Originally Gina was purple with a traditional purple and gold harem costume and covered in gold jewels. Her eyes were yellow and her hair is black. Her hair used to tie on the top of her head. She wore golden bracelets which kept her tied to her curse.
ï?§ Gina spends most of the story green. She wore a blue shirt and a dark blue leather jacket with a golden zipper. The golden bracelets remained on.
ï?§ For the duration of the Christmas chapters, Gina wore a red jacket with a red scarf. A streak of her hair was dyed red.
ï?§ When Gina arrived in the Realm of Expulsion, she lost her tail and gained legs. She wore jeans and brown boots.
ï?§ After her curse broke, her skin became tan and her wrists became scarred. Her hair was blue and her eyes became an unnatural shade of blue.
Barry: college freshman and grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke and craft smoke screens. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Before the fourth wish, Barry was short and skinny.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ The sixth wish gave him his super hero costume. The costume consists of a light gray Gentlemenâ??s cloak, dark gray boots and gloves, a dark gray cowl, a gray scarf, and two single edged swords.
ï?§ He was T-Rex during the second wish.
Ryan: Barryâ??s loyal but obnoxious cousin and the professorâ??s second grandson. He is also one of Ginaâ??s four masters.
ï?§ He is large and hairy.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ After the fifth wish, he gained a scruffy beard and a tattoo of a gorilla head on his chest.
ï?§ He was a giant bumble bee during the second wish.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, he was temporarily an anime cartoon with fancy armor and spikey hair. His anime eyes were ridiculously huge.

Lilly: College senior and an athlete. She is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ She is half Asian with an athletic build.
ï?§ Prior to the fifth wish, she kept her hair short down to her neck.
ï?§ After the fifth wish she allowed her hair was grown passed down her shoulders.
ï?§ During the second wish she was a red dragon.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, she was an anime cartoon with fancy armor, purple hair, and huge eyes.
Wesley: College senior and son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Usually, he is handsome with wavy blonde hair.
ï?§ He gained a beard after the fifth wish.
ï?§ The eighth wish turned him into an exact lookalike of the Artificer.
The Artificer: lead antagonist that was released from the Cage of Atlantis.
ï?§ His appearance is a hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle. He has the legs of the bird and feathered wings on his back. His skin is gray and rough. His eyes are yellow and blank.
ï?§ Sometimes he wore bronze plated armor. Whenever he battled he used a crystal sword and a weaponâ??s belt full of trinkets.
The Professor: the original own of the genie and professor of archeology. His final wish misfired which is the reason why Gina was living in a globe rather than an oil lamp.
ï?§ He is an old man with glasses. He walked with a cane due to his bad leg.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as part of the first wish. He is in charge of the submarine
ï?§ He is a steel man with a line of green glass for an eye and a speaker for a mouth. Each hand has six finger with two opposing thumbs. He also has a jet pack built into his back.
ï?§ When the submarine
Chiyoko: an anime cartoon character who crossed over to the real world by mistake. She is a medium who can see spirits and therefore can see Gina.
ï?§ In both the anime world and the real one, she is a 2d cartoon in black and gold armor. Her long hair is white and braided.
ï?§ She carries a silver sword with red edges and a ruby on it pommel.
Alninza: Deceased priestess of Atlantis. She fused her spirit into Gina without telling anyone so she could guide Gina to her freedom someday.
ï?§ During the tenth wish, she is described as a transparent woman in purple robes, pale skin, blue hair, white eyes under golden eye liner, and a golden ceremonial staff floated in the air. The edges of her body shimmered white.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their head simultaneously.
ï?§ They are enormous beings made out of tar. They each have two heads with four arms
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