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The third wish is granted to Barry's surprise

A chapter in the book 12 Wishes Around the Globe (2nd ed)

Chapter 15

by Ben B.

Chapter 15: A Refreshing Third Wish

Barry woke up the next day near the afternoon. He must have slept for over twelve hours, yet he was still exhausted from the events the day before. That night before, he was escorted to his bedroom in one of the "luxury" decks somewhere in the upper portion of Wesley's "luxurious submarine." The lower portion was where all the ship's "battle" decks were. Thanks to his exhaustion; Barry didn't even have time to observe the luxury in his room fit for a king. He just fell face first in the silk sheets.

His bedroom on the ship was large and luxurious putting five-star hotels to shame. It was all made of the finest wood, metal, and fabrics in the world. The hand carved wooden bed alone would have cost a quarter million dollars in the market. Would have been the most beautiful thing anyone had ever seen if the eels didn't shake everything out of place. Good thing the heavy furniture was furniture was welted to the floor or else it would have been a bigger mess than it was already.

Barry wasn't exactly a sailor, but he was certain most submarines would be cramped. Nothing spelled out "genie magic" more than a spacious submarine. Most submarines didn't come with portholes either. Fortunately for the sake of the previous eel battle, that window glass was as sturdy as steel. The one in Barry's room came with a golden frame. The room even came with its own silver periscope.

Despite his exhaustion, there was all so much racket Barry could work through as the machines repaired the ship. Barry peaked an eye open as sunlight slipped through the porthole. The plan was to shade its large red curtains and sleep with the silk pillow wrapped around his ears, but that plan was scratched when he got up and saw the beautiful paradise outside.

The island Barry was stomping on the day before as a dinosaur was a wasteland with a view worse than a nightmare. The new one was a land full of more flowers than grass. Had he had a closer view of the place; he would have identified those flowers as lilies. Barry could see from his window numerous cherry blossom trees that stood tall everywhere. Two waterfalls were in perfect view filling crystal clear lakes with water that were practically sparkling.

"Now what?" Barry groaned. Anyone else would have been in awe. Recent events left Barry pessimistic and cautious.

Barry opened up his new and expensive looking wardrobe. Everything in there was undoubtfully neatly arranged before, but the battle left everything in there all mixed up. He grabbed a pair of black pants, purple buttoned evening shirt, and a black shoe. He couldn't find the other one in all the mess so he took a brown one and ran out the hall the moment he could.

Wesley was already outside on the submarine's deck. Unlike Barry, he did find his wardrobe as he was wearing a red silk morning robe. He was leaning on the ship's rails looking around, sipping his latte in a fancy ceramic cup painted in a complicated oriental style. Golden framed sunglasses shielded his eyes from the sun. A few lawn chairs were set up around him.

"Morning." Barry leaned on the railing next to Wesley.

Wesley checked the new platinum plated watch he found in his room; ten minutes before noon. "Morning."

"Lovely day, isn't?" Barry asked Wesley more as question than a greeting.

"Very." Wesley acknowledged.

Both of them breathed in the air without smog. Yesterday, it felt more like they had their heads jammed into a chimney clogged with charcoal.

"Wesley, where are we?"

"I already checked with that robot captain," Wesley looked around for Mech, "we haven't moved. It's the same island. Only...cleaner."

"Upon other things." Barry watched and array of glamorous swans fly to one of the lakes. "Guess the girls gave the island a makeover. Have to give them credit, they did a pretty banged up job on the place."

Wesley lowered his sunglasses to look at Barry, "Wasn't it your cousin's turn on the wish making?"

"Ryan?" Barry studied paradise before him. "No, that can't be right. If this was a Ryan wish, we would be swimming in beer. Asides, he said he had enough wishes for awhile. Remember?"

"So, this was all Lilly." Wesley pushed his sunglasses back on.

Barry glanced down. Something caught the corner of his eye and he leaned down. The slight cackle gave Wesley little warning for the burst of laughter that followed.

"What's so funny?" Wesley looked at him dumbfounded.

"Because I was wrong. This wasn't a wish by Lilly. It's all for Lilly. Look," Barry pointed down.

From a little distance from the boat, Wesley saw Ryan and Lilly on the white sand beach covered in purple seashells. Ryan offered a whole bouquet of flowers he collected along with piece of breadfruit from who knows where. Given the way Lilly laughed at it, Ryan probably made a wisecrack about the fruit.

"Now I get it." Wesley lowered his latte. "He covered the island in lilies for Lilly."

"A real Romeo." Barry stared down barely recognizing his own cousin, "Whoever knew?"

Wesley didn't say anything. He just dumped his latte overboard and walked away.

"We just had that water unpolluted," Barry yelled after him.

A moment later, one of the robots came over with brunch: French toast and scrambled eggs with fried chicken. He was given the same latte Wesley had and which tasted like vanilla heaven. Barry sat down on one of the lawn chairs for long deserved, peaceful meal.

"Morning!" Without warning, the genie's head popped out of the ground with a chirpy smile.

"Geeze!" Barry spilled his latte all over himself.

"Sorry, master." The genie pulled herself out of the ground and brushed up Barry's flannel shirt as best she could. Would have been more helpful if she could have actually touched him.

"It's fine." Barry unbuttoned his shirt halfway to get the worst of the stain off his chest.

"Apologies again, master. Won't happen again."

"Really no need to be so formal," he started wiping himself with a napkin. "And quite calling me master. Plain Barry please."

"I prefer blueberry," the genie eased herself, "but sure."

"Funny..." As if Barry never heard that one before.

"I give myself points for trying," the genie chuckled.

"I'll give you five." Barry smiled too but dropped it as he finished scrubbing himself. "Genie, can we talk?"

"Of course. I was actually hoping for a chance."
Barry pulled a chair for her across his table. The genie was hardly surprised by this politeness from him; the professor treated her in similar manner.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you before we all got...sidetracked."

"By all means," the genie sat down with him.

Barry gave himself a moment to make sure wanted to ask what it was he wanted to ask the genie. "When you popped out of the globe, it sounded like you already knew me and Ryan."

"I did. Mostly." The genie leaned back in the chair. "You were a frequent visitor, but I only saw Ryan a couple times. That kid was a one child bulldozer."

"That he was." Barry remembered how much furniture Ryan destroyed when he was a kid. "But what I'm getting at is...did we personally know each other before all this? Since we met, I can't shake the feeling we've talked before."

"Well, yes and no. You never saw me like this," the genie pointed at herself, "but you had one wild imagination when you were a kid."

Barry had no idea what she was getting at, but then he remembered that photo on his grandfather's desk taken on his eighth Christmas where he was hugging nothing. He distinctly remembered the genie looking at it too.

"My imaginary friend in the photo." He caught the genie holding back a smile. "You?"

"True." The genie slapped her tail laughing. "It was fun roleplaying as a T-Rex with you while you were fooling around the house. I used to roar behind you when you ran around the house pretending Rex was behind you."

"Is that why I was dinosaur yesterday?"

"Guilty," the genie gleamed. "And I was right, you were a better T-Rex than I ever was."
Barry laughed into his hand embarrassed. "Thanks. I think."

"Anyway, I actually came here to tell thank you for taking my word seriously. Most would have spent the wishes on themselves and let the monster crisis happen."

"We should be thanking you." Barry smiled warmly. "If you didn't show up, we all would have been monster chow."

"Those first two wishes were pretty wild. Even by my standards."

Barry glanced at the island. "You sure made it up with this one. Third time really is the charm."
Barry noticed the genie's smile drop.

"Did I say something?" he asked her.

"Nothing, it's just..." the genie got up and headed for the railings, "'s just that Ryan's wish was the third one I granted since I got out of the globe. I should be gone by now."
Barry joined her on the railings. "You're acting like this is a bad thing."

"I don't know. Maybe it is." The genie looked down to Ryan and Lilly who were still flirting. "I was with the professor for a couple of years. Yet he still abandoned me."

"We don't know the whole story," Barry reminded her. "My grandfather would never do that. At least not on purpose. He was always a little forgetful, but it was never that bad. Something got in his way. I don't know what, but there was something."

"Maybe, maybe not." The genie despaired. "The globe's mechanics are a little different from what
I'm used to. Still, chances are when the twelfth wish passes, I'll be bottled up again. One way or the other, I'll have to leave you guys behind just like all the others. It would be best if I don't get too involved with the four of you."

Barry remembered the playing card Ryan gave him was still in his pants pocket. "You said grandpa was trying to free you, right?" The genie shook yes. "If you like," He pulled the card out,

"I'll trade cards with Lilly after the next wish and spend my last one and give your freedom a shot."

"I appreciate the offer Barry," Gina tried to swipe the card away, "but your grandfather was hardly the first to try to free. There's really no point trying."

"Oh. I see." Disappointed, Barry looked at the Two of Hearts in his hand and twisted it in his fingers a couple of times before returning it in his pocket. "Well, we still have nine wishes ahead of us. Either way you could be with us for a while."

"Not as long as you think." The genie slouched.

"Or as short. Asides, you're a globe genie now. This could be a sign of change for you."

"I don't believe in signs," the genie grumbled. "The non-magical kind anyway."

"And I didn't believe in magic, period. There's no written rule saying miracles can't find your way too. Is there?"

The genie's face lightened up. She didn't see it that way.

"And you know something?" Barry turned his back on the railings and leaned to get a better look on Gina's face. "Now that we have personal history together, it doesn't feel right to keep calling you 'genie' or 'the genie' all the time. Is there another name I can call you?"

"I..." thrown off guard, the genie tried to remember for him but couldn't, "...had one a long time ago. It has been so long since I heard it, even I can't pronounce it right anymore."

"That's...sad." Barry put some thought into it. "What did grandpa call you?"

"Genie," she answered blankly.

"Yeah, that sounds like him. He named his dogs Pug and Beagle." Barry rubbed the back of his neck and thought harder. "How about a new name? Something more personal?"

The genie arched an eyebrow. "What do you have in mind?"

"How about..." he drum-rolled on the railing, "Jean?"

The genie's eyebrow dropped. "That's my old name sliced in half."

"Oh...right." Barry tried again, "How about Gina?"

"Better." The genie almost hugged him but remembered she couldn't.

"Gina it is." Barry was proud of the smile he caused.

"Thanks, Barry. Now if you would excuse me," the genie, now Gina, started flying down from the boat, "I should probably get back to Ryan's wish. He may want some date coaching.."

"Isn't that third wheeling?" Barry yelled down to her.

Gina halted and slapped her forehead, "I forgot. Lilly can see me." She flew back up to Barry,

"Funny," she sat down on the railing, "I never had to worry about being third wheel before. Up till now it has always been one on one."

"I was never one for groups either. As far back as I can remember it has always been me and
Ryan. Although," Barry looked to the island and smirked, "if it's a one on one you want, you can show me around this new island of yours."

"But what if Ryan needs..." Gina looked down and caught Lilly playfully punching Ryan in the shoulder, "You know what? He's got this. Let's go."

Gina flew for the staircase barely letting Barry keep up with her. Barry roared like a T-Rex as best he could while chasing her there. Gina playfully screamed. They were both children once again.

Gina (formerly known as â??the genieâ??): found by her four masters inside a gemstone globe. She serves her four masters twelve wishes.
ï?§ Originally Gina was purple with a traditional purple and gold harem costume and covered in gold jewels. Her eyes were yellow and her hair is black. Her hair used to tie on the top of her head. She wore golden bracelets which kept her tied to her curse.
ï?§ Gina spends most of the story green. She wore a blue shirt and a dark blue leather jacket with a golden zipper. The golden bracelets remained on.
ï?§ For the duration of the Christmas chapters, Gina wore a red jacket with a red scarf. A streak of her hair was dyed red.
ï?§ When Gina arrived in the Realm of Expulsion, she lost her tail and gained legs. She wore jeans and brown boots.
ï?§ After her curse broke, her skin became tan and her wrists became scarred. Her hair was blue and her eyes became an unnatural shade of blue.
Barry: college freshman and grandson of the professor. His second wish turned him into the Mistery, a superhero that turns him into a cloud of smoke and craft smoke screens. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Before the fourth wish, Barry was short and skinny.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ The sixth wish gave him his super hero costume. The costume consists of a light gray Gentlemenâ??s cloak, dark gray boots and gloves, a dark gray cowl, a gray scarf, and two single edged swords.
ï?§ He was T-Rex during the second wish.
Ryan: Barryâ??s loyal but obnoxious cousin and the professorâ??s second grandson. He is also one of Ginaâ??s four masters.
ï?§ He is large and hairy.
ï?§ The fourth wish gave him muscles.
ï?§ After the fifth wish, he gained a scruffy beard and a tattoo of a gorilla head on his chest.
ï?§ He was a giant bumble bee during the second wish.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, he was temporarily an anime cartoon with fancy armor and spikey hair. His anime eyes were ridiculously huge.

Lilly: College senior and an athlete. She is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ She is half Asian with an athletic build.
ï?§ Prior to the fifth wish, she kept her hair short down to her neck.
ï?§ After the fifth wish she allowed her hair was grown passed down her shoulders.
ï?§ During the second wish she was a red dragon.
ï?§ During the seventh wish, she was an anime cartoon with fancy armor, purple hair, and huge eyes.
Wesley: College senior and son of the late CEO to Welsink Industries. He is one of Ginaâ??s four wish masters.
ï?§ Usually, he is handsome with wavy blonde hair.
ï?§ He gained a beard after the fifth wish.
ï?§ The eighth wish turned him into an exact lookalike of the Artificer.
The Artificer: lead antagonist that was released from the Cage of Atlantis.
ï?§ His appearance is a hybrid of a vulture and a gargoyle. He has the legs of the bird and feathered wings on his back. His skin is gray and rough. His eyes are yellow and blank.
ï?§ Sometimes he wore bronze plated armor. Whenever he battled he used a crystal sword and a weaponâ??s belt full of trinkets.
The Professor: the original own of the genie and professor of archeology. His final wish misfired which is the reason why Gina was living in a globe rather than an oil lamp.
ï?§ He is an old man with glasses. He walked with a cane due to his bad leg.
Captain Mech: robot that was created as part of the first wish. He is in charge of the submarine
ï?§ He is a steel man with a line of green glass for an eye and a speaker for a mouth. Each hand has six finger with two opposing thumbs. He also has a jet pack built into his back.
ï?§ When the submarine
Chiyoko: an anime cartoon character who crossed over to the real world by mistake. She is a medium who can see spirits and therefore can see Gina.
ï?§ In both the anime world and the real one, she is a 2d cartoon in black and gold armor. Her long hair is white and braided.
ï?§ She carries a silver sword with red edges and a ruby on it pommel.
Alninza: Deceased priestess of Atlantis. She fused her spirit into Gina without telling anyone so she could guide Gina to her freedom someday.
ï?§ During the tenth wish, she is described as a transparent woman in purple robes, pale skin, blue hair, white eyes under golden eye liner, and a golden ceremonial staff floated in the air. The edges of her body shimmered white.
Tar Twin: Minions devised by the Artificer. The only way to kill one is to slice off both of their head simultaneously.
ï?§ They are enormous beings made out of tar. They each have two heads with four arms
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