Spiritual Poetry posted April 11, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
I wrote this for my friend who was murdered recently ...

For you, Ace ...

by Melodie Michelle

Ace, we will all miss you dearly my sweet friend ... RIP
The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
It's driving me crazy
the way you
went out ...
There has to be
more than one
who hurt
you so bad ...
In my mind
there is
no doubt ...
It has made
all of us
that cared
for you
extremely sad ...

Finding you
was a huge
and major shock ...
Seeing the
it blew
our mind ...
Knowing now
what I'm not
to know of
how that
one devil
watched you
like a hawk ...
when all
you were
doing was
being a friend
that was very kind ...

I pray hard
that you
didn't suffer
any pain
that morning
when you
were slain ...
That's questionable
at this point
I guess
because nobody
knows exactly
who was involved ...
But this
I do know
is that we
will find out
so this that
happened to you
won't be in vain ...
All your
real friends
that are true blue
won't stop until
your murder
is solved ...

Rest in peace
my sweet friend
and know
that you
will be
dearly missed ...
Those in the dark
have no choice
but to come
forward and step
into the bright light ...
Those that
did you in
that early morning
did nothing but
throw in
an evil twist ...
I'm very surprised
that's they
didn't receive
a lethal dog bite ...

My heart hurts
for what
you must've
gone thru
that fateful
morning in
those wee hours ...
You didn't
deserve to be
until your
face was no
longer there ...
The ones
that premeditated
that scene are
nothing but
a bunch of cowards ...
You were
a good friend
to us all
and a friend
like that
is very rare ...

Rest easy Ace
Until you are able
to rest in peace ...
When the rest
of them
are finally caught
is when your
peace will start ...
Their cries
for mercy
will not be heard
but they will cease ...
Because we will be
praying with
all of our hearts ...

That they
will spend the rest
of their life
behind bars ...
God will make it
a point to do
and of this
I'm for sure ...
But for now
we can see
you looking
at us
from behind
the beautiful stars ...
We will
get justice
for you
my dear friend
of this to you
I will assure ...

Written by:
Melodie Michelle

My next door neighbor, Ace as he liked to be called, was horrifically murdered last weekend (04-03-2021) in the wee hours of that grisley Saturday morning in his home next door to me. One man confessed to doing the entire thing alone but my gut, our friends gut and evidently the investigators gut as well, says there were more involved in this hateful murder. He was beaten until he was no longer recognizable and his brain matter was everywhere. I didn't see the murder scene, I couldn't bring myself to go in there but my boyfriend found him and told me he was glad I didn't go in there. Ace was murdered in his home and I'm asking all of you all that pray, to pray for those involved to be shown to the investigator and all be brought to justice for Ace. Thank you all so much for your prayers!
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