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 General Fiction posted April 12, 2021

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Body Snatchers

by Austin Harvey

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
Fast forward to the middle of the night
I awaken intensely; quite the fright
My eyes can't see the light from the other room
Everything is blurry; everything is gloom
A sensation comes over my entire being
All of sudden I hear the phone ring
I answer as it was a hesitant choice
I say "hello" with an entire different voice
The voice on the other end is me
He says you have chosen a new destiny
I ask what has happened to my soul
He says I have taken on a new role
I laugh it off as this may be a dream
Close my eyes to hear a loud scream
A red glow I have never seen before
Strange figures enter my bedroom door
They tell me not to be frightened
They are here to help and enlighten
Are you angels, demons or alien forces?
Are you human beings or dead corpses?
Why have you forsaken my free will
Have I sinned or become ill?
They tell me that they are the Illuminati
From a world afar but not gaudy
I have been body snatched once before
Taken to a new planet and feeling sore
For some reason I don't fear this path
As this may be the Devils wrath
Who am I now I will not know
Until I enter back through the glow
I cannot see but I can hear many voices
This must be because I made the wrong choices
But for some reason they left me alive
Testing my limits to help me survive
Body snatchers of another time
Have stolen my soul and committed a crime
But as I lay here dazed and confused
Feeling helpless; feeling abused
The night turns to day as I lie here alone
Again, a ringing exudes from my phone
This time I screen the call but I have to admit
I kinda like this new me...I'll humor it for a bit
Until the time comes once again
I'll admit my faults absolve my sins
I am new, but not whole
In a new world of lost souls
Illuminati the elite and few
Selected me from the damned crew
I'll find a way to adapt and inspire
Destiny awaits...success to acquire
I'm not the slave they thought I'd be
I'm a special power that they couldn't see
Or they must have known this all along
Stealing my being; righting my wrongs
Maybe this is my redemption at a second chance
Getting to live; getting to dance
I'd be a fool to disregard all the signs
I still choose to walk over the lines
A grand testament to the human will
Able to love; able to feel
Sorry you couldn't control my mind
I'm not your puppet; I'm not your kind
But I'm flattered you attempted the duel
I'm the jester with the crown not your fool!


A new identity can be desired or it can be taken. Either way, it can be inevitable...
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