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AFL becoming popular sport

AFL, other sports, Australia

by LittleIrishman

Compared to other countries, Australia would have to be one of the most sports-loving nations, but not everyone follows all sports.

In Australia, there are sports, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Motor Sports, and...Australian Rules Football (AFL).

According to AusPlay in 2017-2018, 11.7 million people took part in sport in Australia in the one year (57.9 %), and 4.3 million three-times a week (21.5%).

In fact, compared to North America and Europe for instance, Australia would have the best sports in the world.

America always considers itself different with its sports to the rest of the world, with Grid Iron, Basketball, Baseball, and Ice Hockey. America even classes Soccer as a middle-range sport to these sports. Then there European and Asian sports like Handball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Table Tennis.

Of all the sports in Australia, the most different and unusual sports would have to be AFL. In 2016, there were 1,404,177 registers AFL players in Australia. The AFL announced that the national participation in the sport of AFL and its competitions and programs increased 1,649,178, or 6.44%.

While some Australian states follow most other sports, like New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), and Victoria, all the other states in the country usually follow AFL. These states mentioned, as with the other states, also have AFL teams, like the Sydney Swans, and Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Giants, that are medium-top level AFL teams.

In the modern era, the Australian general public and grass-roots and top-level sportspeople would normally participate in more than one sports at a time, and this does and can include AFL.
The interest and attraction of AFL for Australia and the world is that is covered in the right level of skills and physical contact, i.e. passing, catching, kicking, running, and tackling.

AFL is such a unique sport it is a fantastic Australian export to other countries worldwide.

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