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Margaret takes them down

A chapter in the book Scent of Gardenia

Nice or Messy?

by Dick Waters

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Margaret is keeping men, and now a woman captive, until she no longer wants that person any longer.
Margaret was enjoying this charade very much. This ‘Mike’ guy is very handsome, looking like he could be some fun. She had mapped out her plan, but maybe she could make it more interesting than originally planned. Mercedes, her own flesh and blood, was standing right beside her, not even knowing she was her sister. She noticed Mercedes sniffing the air, wondering if she picked up the scent of Gardenia. They both wore ‘Gardenia Mania’. If Mercedes recognized the scent, she might realize who she was.
However, for the time being, she would just carry out her plan and see what happens. “Mercedes, have you ever done any prior sailing?”
She thought quickly, “Yes I did when I was growing up.”
“Power, sail or both?”
“Power,” she answered.
“Good. Please take the wheel, keep the course steady on eighty-five degrees. I have to tend to some things.” She left the wheel and Mercedes did as she was told.
There were two sets of stairs leading down below deck. There was one beside Mercedes and one on the port side of the boat. Margaret headed below, closing the hatch door slightly. Now for act two. She saw Ralph standing on the back deck, watching as she headed below. She took off the top of her white bikini, then the bottoms. Her back was to Mike, whom she already knew was someone else, but she could see his image in the mirror in front of her. He hadn’t changed his focus. She went over, picked up her wet suit and then returned to where she was standing before.
This time she looked up. Mike was still looking down at her. She dropped the wet suit, posing for him. He quickly turned his head away…she had him, just like all the others. They don’t think with their head. That had always worked to her advantage. She put the wet suit on, but before zipping the top, she pinched her nipples. That should add some excitement. The wet suit front wasn’t zipped all the way up when she came back up.
She went over to Mike, who was out of Mercedes’ ear shot. “Was that all you expected?” She looked down at her top and her nipples were plainly visible. “Personally Mike, I kind of like the feel of the wet suit on my body…can’t you tell?” He didn’t answer her, but his face said it all.
“Well, Mercedes is busy steering the boat, why don’t you go down and put on a wet suit. She can do it next. You can close the door if you prefer, but if you need any help finding anything I can come down and help you search for it.” She winked at him, climbing up on the port side rail and headed toward the bow.
Ralph couldn’t say a word, but realized how dangerous this woman was. He headed down to change into a wet suit. He found a suit and took his clothes off, having not brought a bathing suit. Margaret occupied herself with a rope on the bow side in front of the bulkhead, which was out of Mercedes’ sight. She opened the small sliding brass door, watching as he undressed and put on the wet suit. He was a little more than she expected, wondering if he and Mercedes ever got it on. That will have to be one of her ‘honesty’ questions later. This is more fun than she anticipated. She thought about which man she was going to have to dispose of to provide room for Mike. It was time to get rid of Paul or even Nils and possibly Holly.
The viewing was long over. Mercedes had changed into her wet suit. The boat was out in open water now, far enough for no one to bother them. She scanned the horizon for other boats, noting one several miles away. It wasn’t close enough to interfere with her plans.
Margaret headed back to the bow, dropped the anchor over and waited for the boat to turn into the wind. It took several minutes for the anchor to dig and the boat to swing around. She headed back to Mike and Mercedes, who were watching her actions on the bow. Most likely they were planning their next move, but I’m one step ahead of you both. She returned to the deck area and brought a third scuba setup from down below. She placed it with the other two setups on the back deck, waving for them to join her.
“Okay folks, it’s time for a refresher. Mike, do you remember how things are put together, or do you need a refresher too?” She was talking in code to him, but it went over his head. “Why don’t I cover this with both of you?” She bent over and picked up a piece of equipment, feeling both of their stares. However, she looked quickly to Mike and smiled. “Why don’t I start with you Mike?”
She spent fifteen minutes mainly speaking to him, but it was good Mercedes was listening, about the operation of the equipment. Then she went behind him, helping him get into the equipment. She made sure her body touched his while helping him. Then she repeated things for Mercedes, but kept her distance. Then she put her equipment on.
Margaret wondered why she was going through all this trouble. All she had to do was to overpower them with one of the spear guns. She picked up the only spear gun that would actually fire. She noticed the apprehensive look on their faces as she handled the spear gun. She cocked the gun and placed a spear in the right place.
“Okay, we’re almost ready to dive.” She picked up another spear gun, cocked it and placed a spear in it and handed it to Mike. She repeated the process and handed the third to Mercedes. “Okay, now listen up. We’re going to dive together, but no one should find themselves without another partner. This dive will only be twenty minutes and we’ll surface and talk about the next dive. Do you have any further questions?”
Minutes later all three were in the water, and she could see Mike doing well, but Mercedes was having some problems. You stupid girl. Five minutes later Mercedes had conquered the basics and actually looked like she was enjoying herself. Soon, Mike was leading them with Mercedes close behind. Margaret turned and headed back to the boat. She climbed aboard, took off her equipment, and went below for the restraints. She locked them in place, picking up the spear gun, waiting for them to surface.
She watched the bubbles headed back towards the boat. They were soon on the surface taking off their masks. Margaret reached for their spear guns and masks, directing them to the stern where there was a floating platform. Mike lifted himself onto the wooden platform and Mercedes followed. They both took off their fins, throwing them on the boat deck.
“How did you enjoy the dive?” Margaret asked.
“It was fantastic,” Mike responded.
“I can see why people enjoy this sport,” Mercedes added.
“Well, I’m happy to inform you that that was your final dive of the day…but not mine,” Margaret said with a smirk.
They both had confused looks on their faces, but didn’t otherwise acknowledge what she said.
Margaret picked up her spear gun, pointing it at Mike. “Well, welcome to truth or consequences. Your name isn’t Mike…right?”
He didn’t answer. Mercedes started to stand up. Margaret pointed the spear gun at her. “Good, I need you over here anyway. Move!” Margaret yelled, waving the gun in the direction of the hatch. Mercedes looked at Ralph, but stood and slowly walked towards the hatch. “You.” Pointing the gun back at him, “Stay right where you are and don’t try anything funny or Mercedes will be wearing a long hair pin.” She redirected the gun at Mercedes. “Below deck!”
Down below, Margaret directed Mercedes to the small bathroom with just a toilet. “Now clamp a chain to each ankle.” Mercedes hesitated. “I don’t want to use this, but I will if I have to…now do it.”
Reluctantly Mercedes did as she was told. Margaret went to the stairs, watching him pick up the spear gun. “Go ahead, pick it up. Let’s see how good a shot I am.”
He sat back down. She turned and went back to Mercedes. “Now clamp one of those other chains to each wrist.” Mercedes looked around but there was nothing she could do. She did as she was asked. Margaret knew he must be up to no good by now and headed to the stairs.
He stood pointing his spear gun at her. “Now you bitch, come up here and do it quickly.”
She still had her spear gun when she reached the deck where he was standing. “Put the gun down.” Ralph ordered.
She placed it on the bulkhead next to the wheel. Then she spun, pushing him towards the stern. He slipped and fell to the deck. She picked her spear gun up, pointing it at him as she approached.
They were in a stand-off, each pointing their impressive weapons at each other. She was standing less than ten feet away, and he was on one knee.
“Well handsome, what happens next? Mercedes is shackled down below, so it’s just you and me. Are we going to shoot each other, or get it on? I know you want what I’ve got and you can have it…just put the gun down and let’s go down below. I know you’re not Mike, but I have to admit you did a good acting job. However, time’s a wasting. I’m going to count to three and if you don’t put your spear gun down, I’m going to pull my trigger. Now put it down…one…two…three.”
Ralph pulled his trigger, and nothing happened. He lunged for Mercedes’ nearby gun, pointed it at her and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened.
“Well, two down, and one to go. Do you want me to pull this trigger? This one works. Now get up and get below.” He threw the spear gun down and stood up. She could see him looking around for anything, but other than the spears in the guns there wasn’t anything. “Move!” she said, waving toward the hatch.
Down below, she moved him to the table area. There was a large cushion covering the seating area. “Now put one of those chains on each ankle.” He hesitated. “I would hate to clean up the mess, but I will if I have to. Now do it,” she commanded, raising the gun. He slowly did as instructed. “Now, clamp one on each wrist.” Again, he did so reluctantly. He was now locked at the table area. She aimed the spear gun, pulling the trigger. He flinched as the spear flew by, missing his head by inches, lodging in the hull. She smiled at him, turned and went up to the deck area.
“Ralph, tell me you’re okay. Ralph?” Mercedes called, not knowing what to expect.
“Thanks for asking. I’m okay. What about you?”
“I’m shackled in this head. I thought she was going to kill you.”
He looked up and watched her putting another spear in the gun. “I think she may still do that.”
“Talking to each other...that is no longer allowed.” She pointed the spear gun at him, putting it to her shoulder. “Do we understand each other?” They didn’t answer. “I said; do we understand each other?” Margaret yelled it this time.
They both answered simultaneously, “Yes.”
“Good. Now Mercedes, be a good little girl and keep your mouth shut.” She put the spear gun on the floor, and began removing her wet suit. She did it very slowly, watching his reaction. “I’ve never had an FBI agent before. I wonder what that would be like.” She came over to him. “Lie down.” He resisted, so she pushed him back. His head bounced off the hull. He fell back in a heap. She picked up a filet knife, and began to slowly cut off his wet suit.
She had the top portion off when he started to get his bearings again. She waved the knife in front of his face. “We can do this nicely, or we can make this really messy.” She moved the knife point to his groin area. “Nice or messy?” He didn’t respond but she could see it in his eyes.
She backed up slightly and began cutting the first wet suit leg up to his waist very slowly. Then she started on the other leg. She was certain the tightness of the wet suit made the back of the blade feel like she was cutting his leg open. “I think you like what you’re looking at judging from your reaction. However, you certainly are jumpy…are you worried I might stick you, or cut something inadvertently? In just a second or two we can let all that excitement be enjoyed.” She loved the games she played, but if she stuck something it wouldn’t be inadvertently.
She pulled off the remnants of his wet suit, studying the developments, and smiled. “We’re going to play a game now. It is called truth or consequences. Are you ready to play?” He didn’t answer, and she hit him. She didn’t mind waiting for him to regain his composure. She said softly, “I think you’re ready.” Then with a louder voice so Mercedes could hear, “Now, the first question is—have you ever been naked with Mercedes?”

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