Family Non-Fiction posted September 20, 2021

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Trying to believe

It's Only Words

by Begin Again

I direct my thought for the day at every one of you. I beg you to stop and seriously feel blessed for your family, their love, and your life. Maybe things aren’t perfect, but then, most times, things never are. Just be satisfied and thank the Lord for life as it is. Take stock of all your blessings.
I beg you to do this because your life can change and never ever be the same again in one second.
Some of us write about sad moments in our life; where we have thought we would never recover. Some of us write about seeing the glass as half full and all the good things yet to come. Some of us find the silver lining inside every dark cloud. I was certain there would be a light at the end of the tunnel if I just believed. My faith would guide me to a better place.
At this moment, most of us are getting by and happy with what we have. We might not be rich, or maybe we are, but whatever, we are satisfied that our life is on an even keel; we are comfortable and happy, and that’s good.
But we must never be complacent or take what we have for granted. If you love something or someone, love completely. You should hold it dearly to your heart and voice it as loud as possible, but you must show it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because the chance for a tomorrow may never come. And I’m not even referring to death.
Life is fragile. Never take it for granted because what you see as your life at this second could be gone in the next.
I’ve had many tragedies in my life, and my life changed because of them. I am sure you can relate as well; people get sick, deaths happen, we lose our jobs and maybe our homes, even simple things of children growing up and becoming empty nesters. Our lives changed.
This weekend my life, my families’ lives, our entire world changed, and there is no possible good outcome regardless of prayer, beliefs, help, or anything. I have no way of knowing the outcome, but I know we will never be the same. People’s lives are destroyed, and they will never experience the life they had. Even those who come out the winner will be losers.
I’m not at liberty to discuss or burden you with this colossal destruction, but I will ask for prayers for strength to continue with life as we have been dealt. I know the Lord is not responsible for this, and I must believe he has his reasons for allowing it. As the matriarch of this family, I am thankful that I am here to gather my family tightly and try to mend as well as I can, but honestly, I’d prefer he ended my life and erased it.
Please hold your family extra tight tonight because you never know when a few words—whether true or false can take it all away. It doesn’t take violence to destroy your life.
I know the Lord sees me in this dark hour and understands my pain. I pray he forgives my doubts. As I ask for your prayers, I am sorry I have no smiles or hugs to give.


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