General Fiction posted October 10, 2021

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Mugs; An Encounter .

by Mabaker12

`Mugs, A Sad event.

Between the two of them, the men got Beauty hooked up with a heap of bottles of whatever, and we left the poor thing there. Frank inhaled deep gulping mouthfuls of air, honked like a goose into his handkerchief. The Vet reassured him Beauty would recover, so with a trembling word of thanks we left.

It was Frank's usual habit once he cleared away the evening meal dishes to watch the television. And we would sit in companionable silence for a couple of hours. It came as a shock when the phone blared in the kitchen, causing Frank, startled, to leap upright. In his haste, he upended the T.V. remote and the book he scrutinised.


Silence followed this one word. Then a couple of grunts. Next, he swapped the receiver to his other hand, swiping his damp palm down his pant leg and at last an "Oh? Then a long silence. At last, he gently replaced the receiver, slouched down in his chair, a defeated expression on his face. The time he took to respond worried me.

"Frank?" I truly didn't like the way he was reacting to a phone call.

"Yeah, Mugs. Hang on a moment. That call came from the Oncology Department at the University in Brisbane," Frank answered himself, 'and before you ask I received news I didn't like." Here he paused yet again, and with his eyes on some distant memory, I could feel him slipping into something deep, and far away from me. I waited... and waited.

"I'm going to bed, Mugs. Do you want me to leave the telly on?"

"Please, Frank," I replied. This was a game we played. Every night, Frank would glance at the wall clock, then dipping his head in my direction to inform me he was off to bed. Most times I'd pad alongside of him. There was an occasional time I appreciated the company and sound and Frank would tottle off and I'd push the 'off button. It was a game. Strangely, the atmosphere tonight felt very ungame like. The phone call had set in motion an unpleasant feeling of something slimy and crawly. I could feel my gut lurch, and I raced for the cat flap.

I emptied myself and washed with powerful strokes of a tongue that quivered.

I don't call for my Creator very often, but I felt this to be an exception. So I steadied my nerves and pleaded His appearance.

In the white light of a full moon stood the Man With Gentle Eyes. I bowed my head in respect.

"Gentle Guardian; Something calamitous has befallen your human. He has been told he has a cruel affliction called cancer. They have also informed him it is in its aggressive stage. He has between one and three months to live. "

I reeled back in horror. "But, Gentle Master; to humans, that is a lengthy, drawn-out sentence of pain and misery, fear and agony before coming to Your Presence. This human named Frank is a good man. He carried the dog which had been snake bitten, to the animal Vet, why must his unselfish action find reward with agony?"

"Ah, Gentle Guardian, I chose you well, as a companion to this one particular human."

"Come walk beside me awhile, Gentle Heart, for I have for you something important." His face reflected in the moonlight the gentleness which mankind worships, and there was no need for words. We walked in silence. The light of the full moon provided more than sufficient. A large rock formation served as a seat and I stood at His feet.

"Come, up Gentle Guardian. We need to converse."

I sat in the scoop of His gown and listened to a sound that resembled waves lapping a shoreline, and gradually His Voice was the only sound.

To Be Cont.

Frank gets a phone call that contains bad news.
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