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The roof

A chapter in the book Red Riding Hood

On the roof

by Anne-Marie brison

Chapter three
The rest of the room was forgotten. Our eyes locked. My teeth vibrated painfully as my molars and incisors split open to allow sharp canine teeth to fill my mouth. My finger nails sharpened to claw like points.

I opened my mouth slightly, giving him a glimpse of my teeth, just enough to show him I meant business. An animalistic growl rumbled in my throat. Dark hairs bristled between my fingers, spreading across my palm and up my arms.

His arms dropped to his sides, he grunted and rolled his eyes dramatically.
Then he bounded off back down the hall.

I muttered some excuse about going to the bathroom, then prowled after him.

I followed him down the hall and up a flight of stairs. Instinct told me it was a bad idea to follow him. He could be leading me right into a trap. But I couldn't just do nothing.

I pushed back the feeling as we arrived to a rusty metal door. The roof, I realized.

He glanced over his shoulder as if making sure I was still behind him, before slipping through the door. It banged shut behind him.

Taking a deep breath, I followed him.

The roof of Waterbrooke high was a giant slab of drab gray concrete, with a cracked rail about knee height that ran along the sides. Several generators rumbled in one corner, providing the only source of cover.

Quinn Dally leaned against one generator, as if he wasn't capable of holding up his own weight. He was also breathing heavily, sweat glistened on his brow.

What was wrong with him? Actually, I didn't care. I shoved away all thoughts of concern, dropping to a crouch, approaching him warily.

He pushed himself up, and transformed.

His eyes glowed red, sharp canine teeth filled his mouth. Dark fur sprouted across his jawline, spreading down his neck and shoulder and down his arms. His muscles bulged beneath his shirt.

He was the most beautiful werewolf I had ever seen. Maybe because he was first boy wolf I had seen. His fur was so black, it shone blue.

I hesitated a second too long. He pounced, knocking me to the ground!

His claws dug into my forearms, his breath hot against my face. I bucked my hips, trying to throw him off. I snapped at his throat. I brought my knees up to my chest and jerked, throwing him off. He flew across the roof and skidded to a stop several feet away.

I moved in.

He threw up a hand.
"Wait!" He cried.
I paused.
"Please! I need your help!"

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