Supernatural Fiction posted January 25, 2022

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Lady Olivia must face a dangerous spirit and her past

Lady Olivia

by For the Love of Story

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Lady Olivia stood amidst human wreckage, her bloodied sword hanging limply in her hand. Swinging by a single remaining chain, the once magnificent effigy of the Goddess Astra hung precariously over her alter. Two broken chains draped across the goddess' intricately carved body, rattling in the husk of a temple. Sunlight dully glimmered through the thick curtain of smoke from overturned braziers, illuminating the slumped noblewoman. Her head was bowed, face turned away from the cracked casket lying at the alter's base.

A scraping jerked Olivia out of her daze, sword swinging up towards a darkened corner. Her eyes narrowed, trying to see through the smoke. A figure rose up slowly, limbs askew as it jerked towards her. Lips set in a firm line, Olivia took three firm steps forward
Her deep, warm voice filled the temple. "Come forth, spirit. You will no longer sully this sacred place."
Then jerky footsteps. The bowed-legged creature appeared in front of her, a mockery of a once sickly old woman in funerary robes. Wild gray hair fell from the thin braid dangling over its shoulder.

A sob slipped from Lady Olivia's mouth. "Grandmother," She whispered.

The spirit's head fell to the side, wild yellow eyes roaming over Olivia's body, lingering on her sword.

"Hello, Paladin," It hissed. "Why must you fight me? Why could I not keep their bodies? Why not this one? Why can I not leave in peace?" Its lips stuck together, skin pulling as it tried to wet them.

"Because you did not arrive in peace! You didn't ask for a host body! You still exist in blood and flames, Evil Spirit!"

"I am owed more than my pit of flames!"

"You are owed nothing!" Lady Olivia strode towards the spirit that used to be her grandmother, knuckles white as she gripped her sword.

The spirit laughed, voice cracking as it lunged. The inhuman speed did not deter Olivia as she arched out of the way. Her sword swung up, biting into stiff flesh. The creature hissed, pulling back into a crouch.

"You may have killed the priests. But you will not kill me!" Lady Olivia bit out, sword lashing out again.

"Ah. But I have a reason to live, Paladin. I have a body to live my next life in. I won't let you!"

A harsh gurgle cut off the creature's words. Lady Olivia's sword had sunk deep into her chest. Faces a breath apart, Lady Olivia stared into the unnatural yellow eyes as the spirit collapsed to the ground. Gnarled hands snatched at her formal coat, but did not prevent it from hitting the ground on knobby knees. A soft blue light illuminated the thick steel of Olivia's sword, tingling through her hand as she muttered an incantation. Within seconds, the blue light grew and the spirit ripped from its host body not with a scream, but with a long, slow wheeze.

Olivia knelt and held grandmother's body, heavy in her arms. A flicker of a smile touched her grandmother's lips, a light in her eyes that had returned to their natural green.

"My darling," She rasped. "I have missed you. Have you returned for good from the war?"

Olivia nodded silently, chin quivering. Cold fingers stroked her cheek. "I have missed you, Grandmother."
But the old woman's head fell back, eyes blank once more, and Lady Olivia let the tears fall. She spoke the words she had been unable to say in her grandmother's final moments.


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Fantasy and sci fi are my bread and butter. And with Lady Olivia I tried to capture the elements I love of both genres: The human in the fantastical. The emotions and struggles we deal with on a deep, personal level, regardless of nationality, language, age, or fictional existence. I hope you enjoyed it!
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