General Poetry posted March 30, 2022

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And Then I Blinked!

Raising Family; but don't Blink

by Debi Pick Marquette

Family Contest Winner 
Many years ago I married young,
Thinking that would be the answer.
For me, that kind of thinking,
Was as dangerous as cancer.

We moved in with his parents,
As we start to build our house.
But not so great for newlyweds,
Who just took their wedding vows!!

Then our home was finally finished.
We were as happy as could be.
And then it wasn't long before,
Us two, would soon be three.

As years went by; life going well,
Had a boy and two girls now.
Then I blinked, and they grew up,
As I wondered when and how?!?

It can't be true, how could this be?
So fast from babies, to all grown.
In five years time, all graduates,
And were all out on their own.

Once again, another change
I'd have to face in my lifetime.
And all that I could do,
Is sit and watch from the sidelines.

As my family kept on growing,
Came two sons and daughter in-law.
But suddenly I blinked again,
And I've become a new grandma.

While loving every moment,
With these awesome, six grandkids.
How could life be much better than,
This Heavenly grandma's bliss?

Now the grandkids just keep growing.
As I feel another blink.
I'm soon the age my parents were,
When I thought they were extinct.

And yet this feeling's not so bad!
As it really could be worse.
I count my many blessings.
Cuz life won't let us rehearse.

The love I have for my family,
Beyond priceless, in every way.
I can't imagine it different,
For a month, a week or day.

With all the changes in my life,
Wisdom grows each time I think.
Lord, help me wait a little while,
Before its time again to Blink!!

Writing Prompt
Write a poem on the topic of family.

Contest Winner



My main purpose for this poem, was to tell people to love & appreciate your family, as time goes by so rapidly! It's so easy to take those years for granted, but please don't!!
There's an old saying, "don't blink!" as time moves faster with every passing day!
However, yesterday, (30-40 years ago) When life didn't appear to be going that fast, I thought it to be an old wive's tale! Well that old wife was a wise ole lady, who certainly knew what she was talking about! However, it's also true, that with age comes wisdom, and not sure I'd exchange that, for when I thought I knew it all at 18 when I first married!
I can't imagine how I could have survived without Jesus walking by our side, and most of the times carrying us!
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