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Genesis 19

by HarambeForPresident

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
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WARNING: if you don't like fucked up Bible stories, this is a good time to hit the back button.

One day Jane, our heroine from exactly three months ago, was on a camping trip with her two daughters Shimale and Vijayla. Things started out great. There was a perfect light breeze and the birds were supplying sexy bird music while they got it on in the treetops. Well one thing led to another and some clouds rolled over. Before they know it, it was snowing, and the three of them took shelter in a cave. They were able to make a fire, catch a rabbit by impaling it on a stick, and roast it over the fire. Not too bad.

The snow picked up and before long snow completely blocked over the cave entrance. Fortunately there was plenty of food in the cave as there seemed to be rabbits everywhere and they kept making more rabbits, providing a constant source of food. And there was a small vent above that kept them from dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, and plenty of firewood, and plenty of snow to melt into water. But Shimale and Vijayla started worrying that they would be so old by the time they got out of that cave that no man would want them anymore. Maybe, they thought, this is our lot in life.

Vijayla had brought a Bible along. One night she turned to Genesis Chapter 19. "Hey look at this", she told Shimale excitedly. "You know Mom can probably still get us prego, if we get really creative. She's still trapped inside a man's body."

"How do you propose we fix that?" queried Shimale. "Didn't the plastic surgeons do their magic?"

"Did you bring your invisibility cloak with you?"

"Funny you should ask. I just might have." Shimale rummaged through her pack. There it was!

A plan began to take shape. The two daughters started praying over their mother in tongues and got her drunk in the Holy Spirit. Shimale slipped the invisibility cloak over her mom. "I feel so invisible", said Jane.

"Quick, this is your chance!" whispered Shimale. Well Vijayla got right to it, putting on some rabbit skins to disguise herself as a playboy bunny. Then she slipped under the cloak with Jane.

The next morning, Jane woke up remembering nothing. Vijayla had a nice glow about her though. "Tonight, it's your turn", she told Shimale.


A few weeks later, the snow melted and three ladies exited the cave. Shimale and Vijayla were both sporting subtle baby bumps. Their mother just thought it was indigestion from eating too much rabbit. "Let's keep it that way", Vijayla said to Shimale.

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Now you know another great Bible story!

Image from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where a rabbit blocks the knights from entrance to the cave.
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