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A dog tries to figure out ...

The games people play

by Wendy G

It's my turn to write! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Mama's dog Sunny, from Australia, and I post my writing from time to time when she's not looking.

Mama has been looking after little children all day.

They are quite exhausting – I know, as I had to leap out of the way of a wagon filled with blocks a few times, and dodge dolls' strollers. They got all MY toys (out of MY toy basket) for me to play with – so they could watch me play.

I just wanted to lie down, without getting trodden on and watch THEM play. The little one has just learned to walk – she's unpredictable, sometimes very fast, sometimes a bit wobbly then she just sort of flops down in a heap. I have to make sure she doesn't land on ME!  I'm not a cushion!

They both have LOUD voices. That little one – she just babbles at top volume!

The one good thing about her is that she drops down bits of food from her high chair for me – I think she likes watching me eat with no hands. Today she had peanut butter on her sandwich. Yum!

I wanted to tell you about Mama. She has taken to hiding from me when she wants to put on her walking shoes – she says it's impossible to tie shoe-laces with me around. I can't help myself. It's a good time for a tummy rub while she's leaning over, but it seems she can't tie her laces with one hand.

If she stops rubbing my tummy I pat her hands with my paws, very fast! This means "More! More! This feels good! More please!"

I also put my nose in the way of her laces so she can't go back to that. Once she nearly caught the hair of my ears in her knot!

I'm only being helpful ...well, okay, not helpful. Let me change that to "playful". She says that I am getting in her way.

I think I just get excited because it means we are going out for a walk. Now she disappears into her walk-in wardrobe to put her shoes on, and shuts the door so I can't get in. Don't you think that's a bit rude?

Mama always says that life with me is both fun and interesting, because I am such an amusing character. So why does she hide from me in order to tie her shoe-laces? It's just a game I play! If I didn't have my unique personality, her life would be quite boring. Obvious, yes - but I'll still say it!

And when she goes to get my harness and lead, I take walks around the garage sniffing all those strange things – bikes and paint-tins and gardening stuff – till she gets impatient and says that if I don't come straight away for my harness, we won't go out.

Goodness gracious. Some humans – they just can't relax and enjoy a joke!

Thank you for reading. Mama is coming back. She's put away all the toys - that means I can relax until Tuesday.

I had better get off the computer quick-smart!


Sunny, the dog from Australia, discusses his life, trying to figure out humans (big and small) and their ways ...

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