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A heart rip

A chapter in the book Charm

Ice prison

by Anne-Marie brison

Most stories start with 'once upon a time'

The tragically beautiful princess gets her prince charming. The 'far away land' is saved, and the villain is either cast into oblivion, or left to rot for eternity in some inescapable prison. Or a tower, maybe, if the princess wants some poetic justice.

So, happily ever after, right?

Sure, if you're a hero. But what about us villains? I mean yeah, sure we're evil and we hurt a lot of people, but we deserve a happy ending too, right?


I pace the confines of our underground cell as far as my chains will allow, ice crunching under my boots, my breath fogging. Magical snowflakes enchanted to dampen dark magic fall heavily, coating my eyelashes and making it hard to see. Iron shackles clank as I rub the snow out of my eyes.

I keep pacing, my thoughts whirling with escape plans, each more elaborate and twisted than the last.

All of them doomed to fail.

There's no way out and I know it. Snow White is just too good at what she does.
Snow White.
My fists clench, hatred making my blood boil despite the cold. We're here because of her.
I close my eyes, facing the ugly truth.
We're here because of me. Because I'm an idiot. Because I couldn't kill Snow White when I had the chance. Instead, I let her lull me with empty words and false promises.
That I could be good. That I didn't have to do this, that I wasn't my mother, but my own person, capable of goodness.

That I could have a happy ending.

She says all the right things, her words echoing a longing deep within my heart.

I want my happily ever after. I want it so much.

I tell her, and she smiles, prying the knife from my slack fingers. She slips the blade into her belt and hugs me, her hand caressing my face and stroking my hair in a motherly fashion that was completely alien to me. I stiffen, then melt into the embrace, into the realization that someone cared a little bit about me in a way my mother didn't.

It was wonderful, until Snow White shattered the moment with her next words.

"But you're a villainess, and villains don't get happy endings."

Then she ripped out my heart with her bare hands.

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