Mystery and Crime Fiction posted January 24, 2023

A Modern Day Plague

Cody Moments #6: Mass Shooters

by Brett Matthew West

Sheriff Daniels and Cody popped tops on another round of ice cold sodas and continued their conversation.

"I would clue you in that current statistics show ninety-eight percent of mass shooters are males, and their average age is thirty years old."

"So, these last two old fogey shooters in California are outliers?"

"Think about this, Cody. One was 72. The other 67. Between them they slaughtered 18 innocent victims."

"I thought you told me before workplace violence like this was rare?"

"It is. Most mass shootings are carried out by perps 15 to 25 years old who shoot up their schools. And, another high cluster are mid-40 year old perps who kill four or more people in public locations that are not gang related, connected to drugs, or robberies gone bad."

"Just because someone gets canned at work doesn't give them the right to kill their co-workers. Does it?"

"Of course not. And, younger shooters are typically hate-driven or fame seekers, in hopes their sprees go viral. Which, by the way, is another contributing factor in why these shootings occur."

"So, they spend lots of hours on social media platforms studying other mass shooters and try to copycat them?"

"Most often. That is one of the reasons I limit what I allow you to view on television and social media. It is also another reason you are only allowed to stay on them so long. Restaurants, retailers, and now dance clubs seem to be the current popular attractions for these mass shootings to occur."

"What is the purpose of becoming a mass shooter? All you're going to end up is dead."

"Here is one of the biggest lies these shooters are known to commonly tell themselves to try to justify their actions. 'I'm owed whatever in this world, fill in your own blank, and I'm not getting it. Therefore, now I'm pissed off and it must be everybody else's fault. So, in retaliation, I'm going to randomly murder a bunch of people.' That's what most of them claim, anyway."


"Why indeed?"

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