General Poetry posted March 23, 2009

This work has reached the exceptional level
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by The Cowboy Poet


A cardinal and a bright blue jay
Were sitting on a limb;
They chattered in each other's face
Until the light grew dim.

When morning broke, still they sat,
Clamoring all the more,
And when night fell on these two birds,
They sat as just before.

They didn't eat nor did they sleep,
Each trying to be heard;
How strange to see how heatedly
They acted, these two birds.

The cardinal thought the color red
Foremost of all God's hues;
The jay in pompous prose proclaimed,
"Oh, no, it must be blue!"

A macaw flew onto the limb
And settled down between;
He noticed not the feuding birds,
His presence quite serene.

His mottled wings he fluttered wide,
All colors on display;
The reds, and yellows, blues, and greens
Made quite a full array.

The cardinal and the blue jay stopped
To look the stranger o'er;
While colors appeared before their eyes
They'd never seen before.

"Stranger," the startled blue jay asked,
"How came you by such wealth?
More colors than a rainbow's path
You have upon yourself."

"You're much too bright," the blue jay said.
"One color suits me fine."
And, for once, the red bird quite agreed,
"Yes, to red I am inclined."

"We do not like," the blue jay said,
"Such brightly colored dress.
This limb is ours so take your leave;
Find others to impress."

The macaw stopped and looked about
For fear he might be heard,
Then softly spoke in secret tones
To the offensive birds.

"It's not blue nor red but who we are
That colors what we do;
If bright without but dark within
What matters then the hue?"

"I see not colors when I gaze
On two such common birds,
For it tells me less of who you are
Than do your hurtful words."

Then on bright wings he flew away
Into the clear sunlight,
And there they sat, both birds alike,
Not looking left nor right.

But picking up where they left off,
Once more took up their feud.
Red, blue, or plain, some views won't change
Regardless of the hue.


Definitely, looks aren't everything.
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