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A children's Picture Book

A Tale of Lillian Grace Revised

by eliz100

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lillian Grace. She was four and a half years old but, if you asked her how old she was, she would say, "Almost five."

She lived in the country with her mommy and daddy. On this particular day her mommy was working in the garden and told her to go and play.

Lily, as she was called by her friends and family, skipped across the yard. She had a pink and white striped, circus-style tent under an old apple tree. Bending down she entered the tent and plopped down on her soft, purple sleeping bag.

She put on her princess shoes and closed her eyes. Soon the Purple Dragon appeared. Lily was not afraid because she knew the Purple Dragon was her friend.

He put down his huge wing and said, "Hop on, Princess Lily, let's have an adventure.

Lily loved traveling with the Purple Dragon. She felt safe on his back, nestled between his gigantic wings.

"Where are we going today, Purple Dragon?" Lily asked.

"Where would you like to go Princess Lily?

"I want to go to Confectionary Island."

On their last visit, she found out her friend Aubry Unicorn was injured. She had been playing musical chairs with the other animals and the elephant sat on her horn.

Doc Rocket had taped up Aubry's horn and said, "No more musical chairs."
Lily wanted to make sure she was on the mend.

Off they went, flying through the cloud-dotted sky. As usual Lily fell asleep, she was so comfortable on the Purple Dragon's back.

"Wake up, Princess Lily, we are almost there."

Lily looked down on Confectionary Island. There were people and tents everywhere with brightly colored banners flapping in the wind. The Purple Dragon landed in a big field and Lily ran down his wing to meet her friend.

Hugging Aubry she asked, "How is your horn?"

"I am as good as new," replied Aubry

"What is all the excitement?" Lily asked

"We are having a fair to celebrate the beginning of summer," replied Aubry

As Lily and Aubry started walking down Lollipop Lane toward the fair, the Purple Dragon said, "I will just take a nap in the shade of this gigantic oak tree."

The first tent they came to had a sign for a magic act. Entering the tent they saw a magician dressed in black from head to toe with a black cape and top hat. He introduced his assistant, the lovely Ella. She pointed to an empty cage on the stage.

"Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and animal friends, as you can see the cage is empty." His booming voice shook the sides of the tent.

As he was saying this the lovely Ella turned the cage around in a full circle and then covered it with a black cloth. The magician waved his wand over the cage and said, "Abra-Cadabra."

He pulled the cloth off the cage and much to the girls surprise, there was a pair of birds.

"They are turtle doves," said Aubry as the tent erupted with a burst of applause.

Lily and Aubry moved out of the tent with the other people and animals. The next thing that caught their attention was a hot air balloon ride. Aubry asked, "Can we go for a balloon ride, please, please?"

They skipped over to the balloon ride, full of excitement. Lily said, "Mr. Hedgehog can we go for a ride?" He replied, shaking his head no, "I am sorry but with that horn the unicorn cannot go. She might burst the balloon."

Aubry hung her head and said to Lily, "You go, I'll wait here."

"No," said Lily to her friend, "I am not going without you and I have an idea."

Lily knew the Purple Dragon would take Aubry for a ride. Her horn could not hurt him.

They headed down Sweet Street to the Tangleberry Tea Shop, the Purple Dragon's favorite place. Lily and Aubry joined him at his table. The green frog waitress hopped over and he ordered another pot of tea and a tray of cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off.

While they were having their tea and sandwiches, Lily said, "Purple Dragon can you give Aubry a ride up in the air. The balloon man said she might pop his balloon with her horn, so he would not let her go."

"Of course, Princess Lily"

After they finished at the Tangleberry Tea Shop, they walked back down Lollipop Lane to the field.

The Purple Dragon straightened out his wing and said, "Hop on."

Up, up they went. "Whee!" said Aubry.

"Purple Dragon, please, take us to the Cotton Candy Clouds, we want a treat".

Up, up they went flying just below the clouds. Lilly and Aubry were able to grab handfuls of sweet cotton candy. After they had their fill, the Purple Dragon returned to the field and lowered his wing. Aubry gave Lily a hug and said, "Thank you for the ride Purple Dragon," then she walked down the Purple Dragon's wing.

The Purple Dragon took off with a huge flap of his wings. Lily settled down for a nap, as she quietly said, "Home Purple Dragon."

The next thing Lily knew someone was calling her name, "Lily, Lily, time for dinner."


Please look at this as critically as possible. I am getting ready to start the process of self-publishing for Christmas.
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