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Fantasy Flight

by patcelaw

Fantasy Flight

When the pilot came on the intercom he spoke of our flight for the day. "This is going to be a fantasy flight," he said.

Being a long time window watcher I watched as the plane flew through stratus fractus clouds.

As I looked at the clouds, for all the world one looked like an apparition. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I was convincing myself that it was only another cloud formation. All of this seemed exotic.

To the right side of the plane, I saw a cloud formation that resembled a parrot, with a beak, tail feathers and all, a white and gray parrot.

The passenger next to me was glib and said, "What is it you see?" I was seemingly saying out loud what I was seeing, but it was totally unintentional on my part.
"Oh my goodness I must have been thinking out loud, I am sorry."

As we flew through heavy cloud cover there was a break in the clouds and the sun was shining through, casting a shadow of the plane on the clouds to the right side of the plane and all around the shadow was a rainbow. A perfect circle rainbow.

The pilot spoke to us saying "the rainbow is what pilots refer to as 'pilots rainbows'."

I had a drink on my tray table and decided to drink before our flight was over. Since the flight was a bit bumpy, my hand shook and I spilled the water on my shirt. It was with great gratitude that it was only water.

Being a believer in Christ as my Savior, and knowing of my own unrighteousness, I was grateful that God had allowed me go on this fantasy flight.

When the plane landed I was able to speak to the pilot. I said, "this flight was one of the best flights I had ever been on, in many years of flying."

If you have never been on a fantasy flight, be sure to locate a pilot who can take you on such a flight, it will be well worth your time, but always remember you have to be a window watcher to get the full pleasure of the flight.

- Patricia Lawrence


The photo is an example of fractus cloud formations.
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