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This is Chappie

Sixteen Dogs: Chappie

by CR Delport

A lot of people say a dog is just a dog, but in my house, they are family. I have a rather big family, so in this series, I’ll introduce you to each furry member. In the previous posts, you met Angel, Chester, and Snootie. Now it is time for the next.
Chappie is our smallest dog. We suspect that she is a cross between a long-haired Dachshund and a Chihuahua, but don’t know for sure. She belonged to our previous landlord, but always came to visit us next door. One night, during a thunderstorm, I looked out the window and saw this little dog cowering under a tree.
I felt so sorry for her, and called her inside. She sat next to me on the sofa. Once I dried her off and she stopped shaking, she fell asleep. From that day forward, she stayed with us. The landlord noticed the dog with us, but didn’t say anything. When they moved away, Chappie stayed with us.
If this was our dog from the start, we would have named her Radar, or Battie Bat. She has ears like radar dishes and can hear a storm approach long before we even notice. Because off all the time she slept outside in the wind and weather, the poor little thing is terrified of thunder.
We have this one big dog almost the size of a Great Dane, which always try to play with Chappie. Her head alone is bigger than Chappie, but then she tries to lay down and submit to this tiny dog. It is the funniest sight. We suspect Chappie is about twelve to fourteen years old, but don’t know for sure. At least the last few years of her life will be spent in a loving, happy home.


Chappie chose to live with us. We had no choice in the matter :)
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