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This is Elliot

Sixteen Dogs: Elliot

by CR Delport

A lot of people say a dog is just a dog, but in my house, they are family. I have a rather big family, so in this series, I’ll introduce you to each furry member. In the previous posts, you met Angel, Chester, Snootie, Chappie, and Ozzy. Now it is time for the next.
Raven found this scrawny looking pup from people at a nearby smallholding. At the time, we only had two big dogs, and they were getting old. Where we stay, we need the extra protection. I named the puppy, Elliot, after one of my favourite TV characters in Leverage.
As a puppy, Elliot was comical. He had this large head and this tiny body. I often called him Godzilla, because every time I picked him up, he threw his head back and the teeth went everywhere. When he was in Godzilla-mode, I had to make sure fingers and ears were well out of his reach.
At four months old, he started having epileptic seizures. It got so bad, that we thought he wasn’t going to make it. We found him some medicine and he responded well. As he recovered, for about two weeks, he acted like an eight week old puppy again.
At a year old, we stopped the seizure medication, and he haven’t had a seizure since. He took over his guard duties with pride, and nobody dares to step onto our property. Of course, if they could see his intimate moments with us, they might not be that intimidated.
Whenever I eat something, he will come lay his head on my lap. If I don’t acknowledge him, he will slap me with a paw to remind me that he’s there. He doesn’t demand much. One small bite and he is satisfied.
Because we couldn’t neuter him until he was over a year old, he ended up being the father of four gorgeous pups, which I will introduce at a later stage.
After Romeo passed away, Elliot took up the role of alpha male with authority. If any of the other dogs are fighting, he is quick to step in to break it up. The vet warned us that due to his seizures as a pup, his lifespan might be shortened.
No matter how long we have with him, we will cherish every moment, and I will continue to share my sandwich with him every day.   


This is Elliot in all his glory.
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