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Crown of Heroic Sonnet contest entry

A chapter in the book Poetry of the Soul

Obliterating All Above

by Susanne M. Psyris


I cannot ever leave your arms, my love
you take me to the stars and to the moon
obliterating everything above
forever causing me to sway and swoon.

Our souls and hearts are oh so intertwined
as one we live and breathe and know the care
that gives us meaning making our love bind
a burrowed, 'neath-the-skin-love, not compared.

We're meant to meet and marry much too young,
a marriage blessed by God and family
the altar-spoken words when angels sung
forever bound us for eternity.

Your touch is all that I have ever known
like kisses of the tender butterfly
that paint a picture you have bravely shown
would make me search your eyes and cause a sigh.

I hold you gently, cautious with my heart
I grieve the day when comes that we will part.


I grieve the day when comes that we will part
the seeds of love that we have gently sown
a garden blossoms deep within my heart
such beauty, like one I have never known.

But, now the weeds have grown so wild and bold
the roses measured by their petals pale
their icy grip has left me feeling cold
my heart, my soul, my mind does truly ail.

At nightfall, as I listen 'fore I sleep
I hear the angels sing in such high-pitch
I dream of you, our love so rich and deep
your smile so sweet it often does bewitch.

Disturbed and raucous moves me in my sleep
no room to move, no means for me to leave
your precious memory is what I keep
the facts as known to me, I now believe.

Ah, this, it leaves me so alone, depressed
until we meet again - I'll have no rest.


Until we meet again - I'll have no rest
our garden's flowers now are wilted, dead
though in my heart, it's merely just a test
my soul agrees with heart, but not my head.

For thoughts of losing you to certain death
as I remain alive and living well
engender feelings, want of my last breath
For this, I pray I will not go to Hell.

I'm lost alone within this fantasy
as Cleopatra and Mark Anth'ny met
together loving for eternity
in death, as life, they lived with no regret.

We'd take our poison - cheers to our death drink
lay down to savor that last tender touch
no thoughts, no words, no reason there's to think
our hands - one fist, held in a tightened clutch.

But, suicide is not "The Plan"; God's will
He wishes all our dreams to be fulfilled.


He wishes all our dreams to be fulfilled
He'd rather rest us o'er the lovely dell
Than leave us wallowing in piglets' swill
oppressed by Satan in his lasting hell.

Eternity alone in Satan's hand
would be the punishment, of this I'm sure
coals burning feet and eyes now crying sand
would prove eternity's last worldly tour.

No more our happiness we would deny
connected by the length of well-spun string
that glues our hearts together - you and I
and makes our world our lasting ev'rything.

No man will ever harm the love we share
no actions, words or even evil deeds
we always would proclaim how much we care
remaining giver to each other's needs.

These tortured thoughts that do infect my mind
no comfort in your death, I'd ever find.


No comfort in your death, I'd ever find
a darkness creeps into the blackened night
my thoughts now haunt me, oh, how they're unkind
I feel that no one sees my awful plight.

Dead flowers falling 'pon earth everywhere
the garden now so grossly running wild
where once was beauty there was much to share
has now become a bed that's been defiled.

Where once the flowerbed did grandly grow
there's nothing pushing up through dying soil
all gone, the mem'ries though the embers glow
there's nothing left to show where we did toil.

If only life was not so damned unfair
and what you gave you really did receive
then I would never question our love's share -
that I would never truly disbelieve.

Tomorrow with the brightly rising sun
I'll pray to God we'll always remain one.


I'll pray to God we'll always remain one
and sow the seeds again, now as anew
I will rejoice in morning's rising sun
remem'bring in my life how I loved you.

To Heavens I will sing, I'll raise my voice
in song to praise our Lord, our God, above
I'll pray and hope that God will give me choice
to be eternally with you, my love.

But if I am condemned for all to see
Because of evil acts that named my sin
acceptance is the only way for me
to face up to my errors once again.

I'll know my love has lost its living soul
that never shall we know our past again
I'll take my punishment, the lot, in whole
to know the reason, why or even when.

I'll open up my heart, church bells will ring
I'll give my all and ask for not a thing.


I'll give my all and ask for not a thing
to gain your love anew, my prior stance
and, give You all of what means everything
and trust for You to give a second chance.

There may be lines too long, some may be terse
but Your Will always guided my right hand
to write these words and understand my curse,
to make me touch my sacred wedding band.

That death is part of life's one true great love
it's what precipitates it, even then
to cross the threshold with a loving shove
to be reborn and then to live again.

A life of happiness and awesome glee
not knowing pain, not feeling sad remorse
is what I wish for you and also me
as much in love today we're right on course

All others' touch I'll certainly rebuff
I cannot ever leave your arms, my love.

Crown of Heroic Sonnets contest entry


I am sooooooo open to any suggestions to make this a better Heroic Crown of Sonnets entry. Please, be kind....I am nearly crazy from having to rewrite the whole work as I was informed by a reviewer so sweetly that I had written it all in eight syllable sentences, rather than ten. It was well-worth it to me...I am happy and hope you do enjoy it too! Thanks to Yelena (yeltel) who guided me through this torturous cruise! Also, a huge thank you to kiwisteveh who brought major flaws to my attention (causing me to nearly re-write it in its entirety!) and actually read it again after the editing. God bless and hugs
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