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A chapter in the book Adventures of the Heart

I Remember When Life Rocked?

by Liberty Justice

My book contains numerous episodes dealing with love, family, jobs, finances, good times, struggles, etc., but tells how various individuals survived these problems and lived normal joyful life.

I REMEMBER WHEN, life was so grand and people were happier. I remember when rock n roll stood center stage, and America and the whole world were invaded with the new rock craze.

Singer stars like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, James Brown, the Rose, dazzled teenagers who often fainted from sheer excitement.

We wore pink, green, red and blue poka dotted skirts and blouses with white bobby socks and oxford shoes with big colorful ribbons in our frizzy hair. Happily, we attended sock hop dances where we did dances like the twist and the swim.

Yeah, I REMEMBER as a little girl, when I was glued to an old black and white tv set, before color tv was invented and mobile phones. I was watching the Beatles, one of my favorite rock groups. These dynamic shaking and jiving stars were a British invasion. Their neatly cut hair styles and tight clothes that fit just right were mesmerizing and eye-catching.

I can't forget songs like, "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and "It's Been A Hard Day's Night." Elvis Presley's "Love me Tender," and Michael Jackson's "Thriller." These wild singers shook their bodies, and made girls holler and scream and throw themselves at him. Their eyes were so sexy-looking and divine to look at with each person's one-of-a-kind voice.

YES, I REMEMBER, when I wasn't too scared to leave my house by myself, though I should have been. Opiod drugs weren't so plentiful, and people weren't so hooked on these addictive narcotics. LSD was the "hip" drug that made users see pink elephants and think railroad tracks were their beds. Unfortunately, many
doppers hullucinated and thought they could fly like superman, thus, jumping off of tall buildings while flapping their wings.

Most certainly, I REMEMBER when people drank, but teenagers didn't get drunk as much and crash their cars. Internet and computers weren't invented yet. People used old typewriters with carbon ribbons. Of course, there was no texting and driving.

EVEN MORE, I REMEMBER when I used to love school, and teachers could spank us with a ruler or thick wooden board. My classmates and I still saluted the American flag, and said prayers before the class began. Children were more respectful to their parents, teachers and each other.

I remember when I didn't have as many clothes and shoes as some kids, but I was healthy and happy. Boys and girls could still walk to school without getting kidnapped, raped, molested or bullied.

OH, YEAH, I REMEMBER when bread was perhaps seventy-five cents or fifty cents and cokes were 25 cents or cheaper. I used to cook dinner for my family quite often.

YES, I REMEMBER WHEN! HOW CAN I FORGET?Tragically, several deaths in my family occured when my military father, aunt, uncle and cousins passed away. Some of these deaths were preventable, but I never handled death very well.

Hey, I'm a survivor, and my parents taught me not to drink, smoke or do drugs. If they hadn't taught me that, by all of the tragedies, I've endured in life, I would be a hopeless drunk and falling down alcoholic, a stone drug addict, and worse. Indeed, I believe I've lived longer than lots of people I knew, because I take care of myself and I don't drink alcohol; don't do drugs; and don't smoke cigarettes.

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT ELSE, "I REMEMBER?" Huh? I remember, when the world was at peace, and we were not at war fighting our enemies. We didn't have all of these bank robberies, carjackings, and mass murder shootings of innocent people in churches, theaters, bars, subways and schools. People weren't killing each other so much in gang violence and police shootings. There weren't as many suicides and murder suicides, drownings, and leaving children in hot cars with the windows up. Of course, this was the time before the terrorists came into existence and started blowing us up.

Perhaps one day again, the world will be at peace, and crime will decrease. Then, maybe, the world won't have to stay locked behind their doors, and scared to live their lives happy and free.

BRING BACK ROCK N ROLL, so this music can mesmerize and hypnotize the world! Perhaps, then, people won't be as unhappy and quick-tempered. Let's have a rock n roll revival and bring back the hippies and love children and spread love. The world needs LOVE AND A REVIVAL OF THE HEART AND MIND!

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Begin your non-fiction autobiographical story or poem with the words 'I remember...' Complete the sentence conveying a moment, an object, a feeling, etc. This does not have to be a profound memory, but should allow readers insight into your feelings, observations and/or thoughts. Use at least 100, but not more than 1,000 words. The count should be stated in your author notes.


Let's have a rock n roll revival and bring back our beloved music, at least for a few days. We need to dedicate this music to these famous singers who changed the mental and emotional state of the world. Perhaps then, the world would be happier and less stressed. That is right.
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