General Poetry posted July 27, 2017

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The little guy has more initiative and spunk than big guys

Little Fish Big Shark

by smileycloud

A little girl was standing out on a wooden pier
She saw a sailing ship she would dearly love to steer
Without a thought she jumped and plunged into the water
Luckily a wee small sailor fish deftly caught her

A huge fanged ferocious shark came quickly swimming by
The sailor fish thought he and the girl would surely die
So he snapped open his mouth, sucked in and gulped her down
Better that than to let her wrestle with shark and drown

The fiercely gigantic shark smirked and circled and lurked
Inside the sailor fish the girl was flipped, tossed and jerked
The poor sailor fish overturned and lost his balance
This immense shark was an unfriendly chilling hindrance

Sailor fish was forced to submerge to the murky depths
He and his precious cargo would need lots of deep breaths
If only they could find and hide in a big wire crate
They might luckily escape being juicy shark bait

He swam into the creaking hull of an old ship wreck
Heard the crashing sounds of the shark pounding up on deck
Through an old rusty cabin door it was a scuttle
Shark swiftly followed close behind ready to battle

Fish was pleased he was small and nimble while shark's so big
That blubbery beast could never do a jousting jig
Fish swerved ducked and weaved under the shark's flabby belly
It was like being jostled by a big bowl of jelly

The sailor fish slowly made it through the big wet squeeze
Right at that moment the silly girl just had to sneeze
The whopping big blast hurled them both right out of the door
Landed them thump in a heap on the slimy wet floor

Now was their chance to lock the shark away in the dark
He would never get free from this rickety old ark
Fish spun around and with his strong tail slammed shut the door
This little fish against the bully made a big score

Sailor fish puffed out his chest and did a cool slick flip
Sudden recall jolts them out of their victory dip
He scooped her up and swam like the wind up to the top
Then off to the pier to toss the girl back in her spot


David and Goliath theme poem contest entry

David and Goliath theme poem
Poetry Contest instructions;-
Write a poem of a somewhat vulnerable character against a powerful character - in the vein of David vs Goliath. However, please do not submit an actual David and Goliath poem.
Come up with some new mismatch.
Since it would be too easy to have the powerful one squash the underdog,
the little guy has to win in the end.

Thanks to good old Google for the temporary loan of the picture

I hope you love my little imaginary sailor fish
While I was creating him,
I was thinking rather fondly of the Bible,
and Jonah in the whale
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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