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The only road out of town leads to dangerous self-discovery.

Morral City Limits

by Aiden Redhouse

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Carla had been thinking about leaving for years: packing up what she could fit in her car and just driving away. Each time she got close, fear of the unknown had stopped her. The devil, you know, and all that.

This time, well- this time he'd gone too far. The car was packed. She was on the outskirts of town, and she arrived at the one bridge that separated her once sleepy town of Morral from the rest of monstrous world. Carla knew once she crossed that bridge, there was no turning back.

But the bridge was so oppressively long, and Carla, even being farsighted, was unable to see land on the other side. Fear itself called shotgun for a front row seat to her paralysis, and her mind was flooded with so many thoughts at once that she failed to realize that she had completely stopped -- her mud-caked tires parked, as her car idled mere inches from the bridge's entrance. Drivers behind her began honking their horns -- audibly impatient, and blatantly irreverent to her turmoil. Carla had to make up her mind: straight or left. And she had to choose quickly.

"No," Carla calmed herself through the cacophony of honks. "No, you're fine. Come on, you have to go!"

Donnie had ruined the possibility of staying. She knew deep down he had probably already hurt someone. It's impossible to say what fueled his rage.

"Stop," she whispered quietly, her eyelids pressed together so tightly that her eyelashes disappeared among their folds. "Stop," she repeated again, louder as her breathing became unsteady and rapid. Her chest heaved as her eyelids grew wide, and she yelled out, "Stop!" to the discord behind her.

For a moment, the outburst controlled her fear, or at least exhausted her of any emotion, but when the driver in the truck behind Carla slammed his horn for the first time, his proximity startled her.

"Oh, God no," she pleaded.

But she blinked, and her entire demeanor changed, as she calmly pushed the button to release the back passenger window. Then, exiting her vehicle, she searched the back seat for an old friend.

The driver behind her yelled out his window, "Come on, lady. Some of us have places to get!"

Carla removed a duffle bag through the window, and as she approached the man, she stated "You know, Carla was just trying to decide in there if she was going or staying."

The man glanced at the unoccupied car, and questioned, "Are you Carla?"

"No," Carla smiled. Then, waiting until the man returned his gaze, she growled, "I'm Donnie!" Before the man had time to register, he felt a shower of glass rain over him, as Donnie, newly armed with a metal baseball bat, struck all manner of glass with homicidal glee, as he dispatched every piece of glass that separated him from his antagonist.

Pleased with his work, Donnie smiled at his audience of wide-eyed drivers. He snickered to himself as he calmly returned to his vehicle. With Silence as his escort, Donnie said to himself, "Carla, you're right; we have to go." And with that Donnie took off over the bridge.

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Writing Prompt
Write a story of any type. But at someone point your character must shout: Stop!

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