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Two children sitting on a bench contest

Benny and Sam

by pome lover


One looks up and says...

"I'm tired of sittin' on this old bench," Sam griped.  "I'm gonna go look for Mom."
"No.  You can't," said his twin brother, Benny.  "She said for us to stay here until she came back."
Sam frowned."But I just want to tell her I'm hungry."
"I'm hungwy, too." Benny gave a big sigh. "But she said sit here while she looks at paint."
Sam got up.  "Well, she better hurry up, or I'm..."
"Hey, I bet you don’t know what a wodent is," Benny said, trying to distract his brother.
Sam turned back around.  "I bet I… a what?"
"A wodent."
Sam was interested, despite himself.  "Hm-m, is it a monster?"
"Is it somethin’ to eat?"
Benny laughed.  "Yuk, no!"
"Would it eat us?"  Sam's eyes were big.
Benny laughed again.  "It might eat YOU-OU-OU!"
Weally!  Nah, I’m kidding."
"Oh.  What does it look like?"
"It’s ugly," Benny said.
"Grandpa’s wart!" Sam shouted.
"Bigger." said Benny, grinning.
Sam was impressed.  "Bigger?  Wow-w-w-w!"
Bennyshook his head.  "Nooooo, not a bigger wart."
"Well, what?  gimme another hint."
"It’s kinda bwownish-gway,"
Sam processed that information. "Okay, is it alive?" 
"Does it bite?"
Benny made a scary face. "It could."
"Where’d you see one?" Sam challenged.
"In the barn, one time."
"Okay. Is it a donkey?"
"Noooo, smaller."
"A owl?"
"I know!" Sam beamed.  "A mouse!"
Benny smiled, too. "Close—a wat!"
Sam looked at his brother. "Huh? oh! A wat! ha ha ha  Wat! ha ha … ouch!"

"Benny, don't hit your brother," Mom said as she walked out of the store.  "I can't be gone five minutes and you two..."
"Did you get us a surprise, Mom? Huh?" Sam jumped up and down. "What's in the sack?"
Mom held it up.  "You know any boys who've been good?" 
"Yeah, me!" Sam said.  "I've been good."
Benny's eyes sparkled. "Me, too.  Honest, I didn't hit him hard.  He ..."
Sam nodded.  "He didn't, Mom.  So what's in the sack?"
Mom looked mysterious. "A goblin."
Sam backed away.  "Um... Benny, you open it."
"No-o-o, you do it."
Mom looked at them both. "Well, I guess I'll have to, then.  Here goes..."
Sam watched as a package of wooden parts was pulled from the bag "Neat, Mom.  Can we build it?"
Benny added,"And paint it?"
Momsmiled.  "You bet.  And we'll get bird seed to put in it."
"Oh, boy," Sam said.  "Maybe those red birds will come.  I love them."
"Cardinals,"  Mom said.
Benny was excited.  "Yeah, and maybe some wobins."
Sam sputtered, "Wobins, ha ha ha   wobins... ha ha ouch!"


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