General Poetry posted August 21, 2017

This work has reached the exceptional level
A fearsome force of fire and peril

Dragon Games

by smileycloud

Fire breathing dragons
Feared by slaves and servants
Kings and queens lusting after their strength and power

Dragons flying high and swooping low
blazing trails over molten paths
extinct in our modern world

The dinosaur of the universe

Threats from above extinguished
Progression forges forth toward enlightened advancement

Oxen and donkeys bore the weight
of noisy cumbersome wheeled wagons
traversing the cobblestones
The people did not have to flee from searing breaths

Progress advanced

The romantic horse and buggy era
revealed a longing for grandeur and splendour
gentlemen in top hat and tails
escorting prim and proper ladies in all their finery
pretty lace and starched linens
were safe from snorts of fiery flames

Progress advanced

We saw steam trains which children called Puffing Billies
on the rails clickety click clickety click
The stench of smoke billowing
from burning hot coals in furnace pyres
a proverbial vision of our huge feisty flying lizards
way back in the distant past
the swoop swoop swoopity swoop
almost a myth of long ago

Progress truly did advance this time

Bicycle tricycle tandem and penny farthing
far more advanced and far removed
from the oxygen sucking monsters
running amok through our lungs
or flaming dragons wings
plummeting down in swift flight
and bounding up and away
playing their ruthless fiery games
leaving screams of horror on the ground below

Progress advanced
So they said

Wooden ships sailed the seas
All the way to fibreglass if you please
Look to the heavens
Silver birds trailing dragon s smoke across the skies

Nuclear weapon testing in the oceans
scaring the scales and fins clean off the fish
Chemical warfare permeating our water
Dusty film of microscopic waste particles
clothing our crops

Progress has eliminated
dragons plunging down to breathe fire
on the shepherd's herds

Like a relentless soldier
Progress marches on

Pursued by princes and rulers
Marvelled by people of purpose
The poor look up in awe

Rockets launching like cannon balls into space
resembling fire breathing dragons hanging upside down
escalating upward through the atmosphere
breathing out poisonous fire upon the earth

Progress has trudged and trampled across the centuries
Progress has plotted against itself
An enormous consortium of counter productiveness
thwarting its own achievements of
progressions intended goal;
defeating the purpose of progress itself
False dragons breathing out
fiery flames of self destruction

We have travelled full circle
back to the beginning of time

Fire breathing dragon time

Much appreciation for
Fire in the Sky by David Ruhl on
So beautiful
Complimenting my Dragon's Fire so dramatically


Dragons contest entry

Fire in the Sky by David Ruhl on;-
Thank you for the incredible artwork complimenting my Dragon's Fire
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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