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My Son in Letters.

A chapter in the book "The Gift of Life II"

Discovering Jason 2003?

by Ricky1024

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Follows with this incredible piece...
"Just Another Day?"
"Discovering Jason 2003?"
Written on December 13th, 2017
By Doctor Ricky 1024
<*>C.FanStory 2017<*>
"July came in like a Lion!
"And, a baby was a humming?"
"The Place:
Community Memorial Hospital
Tom's River, New Jersey.
The Date:
July 14th, 1985
The Time:
Early Afternoon...
"Honey, is it Soup yet?
I Wondered.
Damn it!"
Stated Carolyn in Pain.
"Within minutes...
"A Miracle appeared!"
"Corrine Alexis Smrkovsky
"April Fool's Day!"
"And, the jokes on me?"
"Jason hasn't even been born yet?"
Later on that...
The Place:
Community Memorial Hospital Toms River, New Jersey.
The Date:
September 30th, 1985.
The Time:
"Late Afternoon."
Yes Ricky?
"Is it Soup yet, again?"
"Not quite dear...
"Something's wrong?"
"The Soup is stewing!"
"Damn It Carolyn!"
"The monitor with the babies Heartbeat is going backwards!"
I Screamed.
"It's okay dear, the baby is just turning."
The cord was wrapped around my future daughter Dana's little neck!"
"911 Stat!"
"Nurse Ratched!"
I Screamed!
"Do your job and get me some help!"
"This gut feeling is coming true to Heart!"
"The Heartbeat...
(With the internal monitor in the Baby Runway)
"Was now less than 92!"
"Stat Nurse Ratchet!"
"Cut it out with your Bloody, Damned, Hatchet!"
"A call goes out for Boza the Clown!"
"She was on duty."
"An Emergency C-Section eas called for!"
"I want to play a game, Ricky."
Yes Jigsaw?"
"How many of My past victims does it take to screw in!a light bulb!over the operating table?"
"Now, answer carefully as the life of your 'Unborn Daughter Dana' hangs in the answer."
"A Clue Jigsaw?"
I Beg.
Well It's three!"
"I got this...
"One to get the ligh!bulb, one to get the ladder, and one to screw?"
"Your Daughter is emerging now!"
"Damn it!"
Complains Jigsaw.
Note: Back in the eighties, everything had to be sterile."
"So, I'm down to my undies and l as I'm stripping my undies off, to put my gown on...
"The nurses were laughing as my cute ass was hanging out the doorway!"
"The joke of the day, I understand, was me?"
"Yes truefully and fortunately for me and Carolyn, a little Filipino doctor was able to get her hand into my fully dilated wife's birthing area...
"And unwrap the Cord from Little Dana's neck!!!
"What the heck!"
"And, there was no need for a C-section!"
The Date: October 24th 1954.
The Place;
"US. Naval Hospital.
Newport, Rhode Island.
The Time:
Later evening hours.
"Is it Gholoush yet Florence?"
Ask my father Edward.
"No not yet it's getting there though."
Replied Nurse Lizzi Borden.
"Within the next hour before the doctor Ram Head could do an episiotomy...
"I ripped my mother!" "Costing her close to three pints of blood!"
"And, she would never get over that!"
"I became...
(I thought)
"The favorite but that soon changed to the enemy as the years progress!"
"Then, (after I got older)
"And, I think back on that day...
"And, what my mother told me...
"That I was such a beautiful baby...
"The nurses covered me with their Red Lipstick kisses and and nicknamed me "Rose Bud!"
"But, I've never used it as a writing name?"
"Someday, pethaps?"
The Date: November 5th, 1984.
"The Place:
Community Memorial Hospital.
Toms River, New Jersey.
The Time:
Later, evening, hours.
"Is it Soup Yet dear?"
"I questioned my wife Carolyn.
"And, a Strapping, as well as healthy, young, child!"
"A Monster at 6lbs.4 Ounces!"
"I came into this world making statements...
"And, as I walked around in my diaper... "Saying...
"Holy Crackle!"
"Holy Crackle!"
"My dad and mom, later on would learn...
"That Me...
"There only Son Jason...
"Was an Angel!"
"Sent down from Above...
"Sent down for only 18 years...
"To teach and to reach every Soul I touched...
"To educate this sorrid World on the subject of Humanity."
"And, unfortunately...
"On the 31st of March 2003...
"I would pass away from Severe Brain Damage as a result of a car accident."
"A car accident caused by My friend...
(A Maniac)
"Named Brian Cole....
"And, to learn more about...
'Organ-Tissue Donations.'
"Simply call my dad's dear friend...
'Lara S. Moretti' the L.S.W. with...
"The Gift of Life."
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
"At 1-800-DONORS-1."
"And, I wish to thank you from the bottom of My Dad Ricky and My Donated Heart...
Jason Richard Smrkovsky.
November 5th, 1984~
March 31st, 2003
Organs Graciously Donated on April First 2003.
(April Fool's Day)
Approximate Word Count 801.

"Special thanks goes out first to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus the Christ, FanStory and Tom the Administrator, Fan Art Review, this amazing and talented artist and writer, 'Dr.Ricky 1024' and my amazing picture, 'Just Jay."
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