Humor Fiction posted December 28, 2017

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My inner dialogue this time of year


by prettybluebirds

Why are you eating that fudge bar?

Why not? I worked hard all day, I deserve it.

Doing what? What did you accomplish today? Besides, you already had a peanut butter sandwich, popcorn, and two apples tonight.


What do you mean, so? I thought you were going to diet and lose some weight.

I am.


After Christmas. No point in going on a diet now with Christmas dinner to get through.

Is that a promise?

Sure, no wait, it might be after the New Year celebration. Too much going on to diet now. That's it, I'll make losing weight my New Year's resolution.

Yeah right, that's what you said last year and nothing came of it except you weigh more now than you did then.

I mean it this time. I have to lose some of this blubber before spring.

So, you intend to stick with it this time?

I do, scout's honor. I might start cutting back on sweets now.


Well, you's tough this time of year with everyone getting together and all, but I'll give it my best shot.

As long as you give it an honest try.

I will.

Where are you going now?

I thought I might try some of that candy I made today.

What? What happened to your promise to cut back on sweets now?

I have to taste stuff before serving it to my friends and family, you know. What if I left something out and it tastes terrible?

I'm sure you tasted it enough when you made it.

I'll just eat a couple of pieces.

Hah, you will never lose any weight that way.

Yes, I will. I promise to cut back before the new year starts.


Tomorrow, I'll start tomorrow.

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