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My Son Jason's Life after Death.

A chapter in the book "The Gift of Life II"

Give Myself Away?

by Ricky1024

"Give Myself Away?"
Written on March 6th, 2018
By Doctor Ricky 1024
(A Dedication)
<*> C.FanStory 2018 <*>
"Dear God, what should we do now?"
Note: Accident Date was March 31st, 2003.
"What Lord, should my family do with Me?"
"For, I am now less than Thee?"
"My Son Jay, Listen closely and clearly this day!"
"This is what matters...
"Matters I say!"
"I am your Creator and you are not alone!"
"You are My Son and I must now take You!"
"Take You Jay, back Home this Day!"
"The Clouds lifted and three Angels appeared...
Yes Gabriel.
"This boy is He the one?"
"I suppose, let's ask Jesus."
Asks Michael.
"Is He the one?"
"The one you must take for the others?"
"That's a secret to be shared with no one but the Boy's family!"
"The Clouds parted again and the three Angels lifted the 'Semi-Lifeless Body.'
"Ever so gently...
"Ever so gently and carefully away...
"Location: Heaven."
"Time: April Fool's Day 2003 at *Midnight."
"Okay Jason, my name is Saint Peter!the keeper of 'The Pearly Gates.'
"You need!to answer one and one question."
"Okay Jay?:
"I guess so Saint Peter?"
"Why Peter did I die?"
"Why Peter can I no longer feel My body?"
"Was I suppose to die to help others, Saint Peter?"
"Yes Jason and you have now answered the question correctly."
"Suddenly, a Pair of Beautiful and White Wings appeared!"
"Place these upon your back Jason."
"For You will need these here as you nter 'The Celestial Kingdom."
"Jason places them upon his back and they grasp?"
"Ouch and they are itchy!"
"I know, That's what the all say!"
Replies Saint Peter.
"Now, good job and You have a lot of work to do,"
"Be off, fly with the others to Heaven!"
Note: Heaven is "The Celestial K8ndom."
"It is resting on a Massive and colored Cloud, far far above and beyond."
"And, no 'Meer Mortal'has ever realized this to after...
"The Passings."
To Be Continued later today

"Special thanks goes out first to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus the Christ, FanStory and Tom the Administrator, Fan Art Review view this amazing and talented artist...
Doctor Ricky 1025 and his incredible picture...
"Just Jay"
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