Writing Poetry posted December 17, 2018

This work has reached the exceptional level
Art of Good Writing; Publish for man for 123 years or don't

Note to Self?

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Enjoy this, after reading Author Notes, in my art-style; write anything, publish it for 123+ years or more for mankind or do not; never publish privately, or for self-pleasure, self-pride only

Write anything but publish publicly, or worldwide ever for mankind for 123+ years, or more
Write never to prove yourself a wit or wise person; publish nothing privately just for a day only for self-joy, self-knowledge, self-recognition, or self-pride ever  

Write for man, mankind, or human race, and write manly, mortally, humanly, earnestly, dedicatedly, or humanely
Scribe commonly, candidly, clearly, expressively, impartially, unambiguously, openly and freely

Possibly, or feasibly, write in rhythm, harmoniously, concordance, rhymes or rhythmically
Compose in no bombastic, jargon, hard or harsh words; scribe nothing unnaturally or forcibly

Tell a story truly, simply, realistically, openly, free of distortion and manipulation, speak or address truthfully
Believe Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent God knows what you publish, and He reads and judges justifiably

Write not to publish anything to claim, declare or announce as absolute, and express nothing for self-profit or in greed, or for self-gain, or incoherently
Use a chosen, correct, appropriate or right word fully, clearly, confidently, sensibly, openly, heartily and eloquently

Publish nothing for self-satisfaction, self-joy, self-pleasure, self-entertainment, self-amusement, self-like, self-information, self-evaluation, or self-pride only
Spell to educate, inspire, teach, motivate, or influence readers the truths for development or changes simply, effectively, really, naturally, or truly

Always publish your writing legibly, using the words free of your own or in your likeable, matching  colours and background readably, only
Report to protect, uphold and secure man's right to information, expression, communication, promotion, pronunciation, and freedom, only

Try not to express and plead your limited, prejudicial, wrongly presumed, partial or superficial knowledge, viewpoint, or self-prejudiced wisdom
Never promote or be proud of your wisdom as absolute or unchallenging experience, skill and wisdom

Describe truth in true perspective, true order, and in true or truthful  appreciation
Speak not the truth at random, adding colour for prejudicial or contradictory acceptation or self-evaluation

Word as if you were writing to God, Almighty God, AlCreator God, or Almighty God
Keep in mind, arrange your chosen alphas, letters or words as if you are writing to God

Say, speak or write to protect, promote, uphold human values, moral values, mortal values, human race or humanity
Never lie, never write, or tell a lie, even for self-joy, self-fun, or for self-casual or nominal entertainment or on priority

Project thoughts to cause human, human capital or human resource development or human welfare
Use God's gifts, resources rightly, manly, righteously, freely, resourcefully, naturally for ever

Set right, appropriate words correctly, expressively, grammatically, candidly, explicitly, or rightly
Scribble no foretelling, make no guesswork, never assume or presume to write anything in assumptions casually

Convey no fallacies, controversial, dubious, ambiguous, or prejudicial presumptions or assumptions
Dare not to declare, announce, notify, express forecasts any way, or foretell never in summations

Plead, promote, propagate, advertise, canvass or recommend not a specific caste, creed, convention, or religion
Claim, or plead nothing as best or 'the best', 'the only', 'the exclusive', or 'number one',  for undue influence or inspiration

Suggest no short-cuts, mention or foretell, project, speak or refer to no miracles for motivation
Announce, declare, promote or plead nothing as the last word in summation

Write and publish a simple, soft, symphonic, complete, full and common word
Utter everything free of a hard, harsh, obsolete, or archaic word; write a known, comprehensible, or popular common word

Speak necessary everything briefly, not at the cost of brevity, write the truth honestly, truly and or truthfully just
Address readers direct, straight, open, honourably, respectably, positively, candidly, or progressively fast



Please read this Author Notes for saving our own resources and precious time

Wish to make worldwide more and more G O O D W R I T E R S or WRITERS (versatile or wise, clear, compact, complete, unambiguous, impartial, global, popular, recognised, non-controversial, immortal, mortally famous, commendable, recommendable, awardable, prize worthy, praiseworthy, earthly, worldly, and remarkable)

Write and publish anything for man, mankind, humanity for 123+ years or more, or don't

I have not maintained meter, metrical level, metrical or syllabic order intentionally, I know it has some long lines

Synonyms and repetitions are intentional and necessary, you may not like but I'm helpless

Enjoy my own art and style of expression of this writing work with synonyms or similar words used for different purposes in poetic order

For appreciation of thoughts and in order to help you appreciate the essence of writing, repetition is necessary, as repetition is here useful, purposive and intentional

For good appreciation of the fragrance of writing as an art of expression, use of synonyms and repetition of some words is important, useful, purposive and intentional

Lesser punctuation is also intentional

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