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by Terrence Francis

It truly warms my heart every time I hear stories and see pictures of Glenn Bernard's transformation. From a little orphan Somali boy to becoming a successful landscaping mogul and badminton coach in Lafayette Louisiana.
Today our story will focus on Mr. Bernard's struggles on the streets of Mogadishu and his epic fight for survival in that harsh environment. During those days Mr. Bernard went by the name Geelo Maslah. Geelo roamed the streets of Mogadishu panhandling, pick pocketing and engaging in another low level practice that begins with a P that we will not name in this piece, but it's why he is known as Glenn P in some circles. These pursuits helped to feed him and his pet goat Mali. Mali helped Geelo survive many lonely nights, that goat was his best friend and lover through good times and bad. The two were inseparable for years surviving kidnappings from various terrorist organizations, battles with malnutrition, malaria, sickle cell and Ebola. With super human like resiliency Geelo and Mali made their way to the coastline were they stowed away on a cargo ship headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Surviving on scraps of food, rain water and the meat of his trusty companion Mali, Geelo made his way to the Ports in New Orleans Louisiana. Geelo lived on Bourbon street for two years, where he shined shoes and cleaned human waste for money. It was pure luck that brought Geelo in contact with the Lewis family during their family vacation to New Orleans. The family quickly took a liking to Geelo and took the necessary steps to make them part of their family. They allowed Geelo to choose his own name and he picked Glenn Bernard aka Glenn P, to honor his past and his best friend Mali. Glenn now runs Mali Landscaping Company in Lafayette, Louisiana and has becoming an advocate for orphans in the United States

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