General Poetry posted May 31, 2019

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a Pix fix

Dixie Pixie

by pome lover

I am a Dixie Pixie;
I’m Southern through and through.
I’m “bless your heart,” and “kiss my grits”
And “I am fixin’ to.”
My mama's named Magnolia
And I am Nolie Two,
My Daddy dud’n like his name
Because it’s Okra Stew!
Now me—I’m full of mischief—
On humans I play tricks;
Dad says, “Now you take care, ya’ hear.”
But I say, “Fiddlesticks!”
One day I poured some beet juice
In Pete’s pup’s water bowl
Pete’s a grumpy little kid—
I thought his mom would scold.
I hovered up above to watch,
As tickled as could be,
But pup stepped in the water bowl—
Beet juice all over me!
 Well, now I’ve got another name,
I’ll have awhile, I ‘speck;
Dad shook his head and laughing, said,
“Looks like you're a Red-Neck.”
I reckon that name’s better
Than the one he thought up first:
“Tricky Dixie Pixie,” ugh—
That one was "THE worst."

Mythical Creature writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a POEM (maximum 30 lines) in any style, that mentions a MYTHICAL CREATURE, such as the Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Unicorn, Bunyip, Taniwha etc.
Your poem doesn?t have to be about the creature specifically (although it can be), but its name must be mentioned in the poem.

for those unfamiliar with the slang in the first verse - all Southern gals say, Well, bless your heart, as a response to most anything. Kiss my grits is what Flo always said in a funny, well known sit-com about a southern waitress. And I've never said "I'm fixin' to" in my life, but some southerners do, and it means, "I'm going to."
Pixie's are supposed to be mischievous, so the beet juice thing was my attempt in that direction.
The red-neck bit is a silly referral to the beet juice.
And Tricky Dixie was a play on Tricky Dick, a past Pres. who got himself into a "mess of trouble."
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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