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A Present Thought.

A chapter in the book Out Standing Stories and Poems

The Situation?

by Ricky1024

Follows with this Amazing Journey Entitled...
"The Situation?"
Written on June 13th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copyright Fanstory C. 2019
'All Rights Reserved'

You are the doctor and you have the ability to mend and eventually save all.
And, the 'Situation' is thus...
There are five and only five patients each with life-threatening disorders.
And, a sixth comes forward whom is you!
You are obviously healthy as they are obviously dying!
And, as a six entity?
You have the ability to save all five!
With the sacrifice of you're being or organs.
Any questions Doctor?
Asks mother.
'Yes Mother'
'Are these people just strangers?'
Yes she replies.
'Okay then...
'Now your Strangers...
'Are they worthy of my sacrifices?'
'Are they possibly murderers or worst?'
Asks Doctor.
'Well Doctor, do you not feel saving Five Lives as Worthy?'
She replies.
'Yes mother but you still have not answered my question?'
'Yes and you have too!'
She answers.
'Mother tis this not the quality of life here?'
'But in this situation...
The Quanity.'
'My Good Doctor.'
Mother again replies.
'Listen carefully to your Mother.'
'There's always a possibility of one bad egg in a dozen.'
'But when considered...
Tis not a single chance of one bad egg worthy of saving the many others?'
'Yes, Mother.'
He replies.
'Then would you not consider this my Good Doctor to be of "Noble Cause?"
Asks Mother
Doctor replies.
'Yes let's do this *Thing.
Approximate Word Count: 248.

adj. material, being, substance.
Last October 24th on my 64th birthday, this Poet...
Set out contacting four Hospital's.
Two in Philadelphia...
"The University of Jefferson and University of Penn."
And two in Maryland.
"The University of Maryland and John Hopkins."
To become a Human Organ Donor.
To donate one Kidney and thus saving my friend...
(Blessed Joe's)
And, I quickly learned the complications.
If I'm involved With Hopkins?
If accepted?
They make you wait an additional Six months.
So on this October 24th or possibly this Christmas...
I again will try to achieve...
What I signed up to be...
'A Human Donor.'
"And, to learn more about 'Organ-Tissue Donations?'
"Simply contact my dear friend Lara S. Moretti the L.S.W. with...
'The Gift of Life.'
Philadelphia Pennsylvania at 1-800 DONORS-1.
Special thanks goes out first to Heavenly Father and then His Son Jesus Christ.
Followed by Fanstory and
Tom the Administrator.
Then Fan Art Review, this amazing artist...
'Dick Lee Shia.'
And his Incredible picture...
"Their Age Range:94, 64, 14, 4"
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Dick Lee Shia at

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