Spiritual Poetry posted July 26, 2019

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King Wise

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Please read Author Notes. Enjoy this acrostic, little poem, in my art and style of expression; lesser punctuation, repetition all intentional; please bear with this, a king's act of humour.
King Wise once said, "What is there in a name? I will replace a name with a number,

Instantly, he announced an order stating every subject must get his or her new name given from the kingdom as a registered number

Number will replace one's given name with a given serial number that he or she enrolls on the kingdom's name and number register

Get your given number against your name on an entry made on the kingdom's exclusive and only name  and number register

Wonder use of numbers in living soon faded; surprisingly and spiritually, none felt or could feel power of God's name in a given number

In each deal, aspect, step and sort of living, a number holder got frustrated with confusing, frustrating and powerless use of a number

Serial number 1,234,567,890 was distinctly given to God, but none, even king failed to feel the power of God's number in the given God’s name

End my game here and right now, I have realized the power, essence, need  of a name," King said and reverted instantly, like before, to a name.



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Enjoy this spiritual, acrostic, a little humor poem

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King Wise is a whimsical person

King Wise at last realizes there is essentially power in a name

Repetition is necessary and intentional for clarity, emphasis and true appreciation of the concept

Less punctuation is intentional

God is religion free

This does not promote or canvass any known, specific or particular religion, published religious scripture or religious philosophy

This does not hurt anyone belongs to any known, recognised religion, religious faith or belief

This is my original thought

This rejects no similar thoughts if published

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