Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction posted October 27, 2019

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Evil in a nutshell

The Fascination with Socialsim

by pome lover

A Matter of Good & Evil Contest Winner 

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why any American who lives in the greatest country on earth, who is free to do and be whatever he has the determination to do and be, would choose to give that up—to want Socialism for this country.

These young people – and old – obviously haven’t read the history of any socialist country or given any thought to why people leave these countries.  Why would any American choose government control over their lives?  Government telling them what they can do and not do, eat and not eat, etc.  Are they unaware of what’s going on in Venezuela?

WHAT, pray tell, is wrong with working hard and becoming rich and successful? WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING RICH? Who do they think creates jobs? Does being lazy and poor appeal to them – having everything handed to them without earning it?  Why should the people who have worked hard and earned their money have to give it to those who haven’t?  Why should we who pay our taxes have to provide healthcare for those who don’t?  And more important than that, why on God’s green earth should we pay the healthcare for illegals?

Why would any American vote for a government that took away their right to protect themselves – their rights, period?

DO THEY NOT KNOW that Bernie Sanders and those in Congress who are espousing  Socialism are multimillionaires and THEY WOUD BE IMMUNE FROM THE THINGS THEY WOULD IMPOSE ON OTHERS? (Just like the rules that now apply to you and me that don’t apply to them.)

There are already too many regulations governing what we can and can’t do, why would these people want more?  Besides free healthcare and free college what is another thing they think would be good about Socialism?

And my final and very important question: What don’t they like about the job growth in America today, the lower unemployment rates, the glowing, growing economy since Donald Trump became our President? What don’t they like about a President who is actually proud of his country, proud to be an American and who is doing his best, against all odds, to help this country and her people and PROTECT her people?   

Tell me, Socialists and Socialist wannabes, what’s so wrong with this country that you want to change it.  Bernie Sanders is dying to change it.  Is he dying to change his lifestyle?  Ask him that.

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A Matter of Good & Evil
Contest Winner

I am afraid for my country if they prevail!
I also get very angry.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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