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Just letting the feelings pour out.

In House Blues

by poetwatch

Stuck in the house, my favorite pastime. Writing a story about life and how it ends isn't what I wished to do. Can't see my family because they are far away. My truck is in the shop. What can I say? Everyone has a story; that's how we know. FanStory is a great outlet for those, like myself, to unburden their writing skills and have the world correct one's disastrous attempts at writing. Well, bear with me as I try to complete a comprehensible story.

Let me start with my truck. It is a 1996 Dodge Ram, I'm the second owner. It was a reliable vehicle until the last time I took (her) down south to pick up some items for my home. It broke down on us close by. Cost me around two-hundred dollars to bring her home. Now, for the good part. I took it to a top mechanic that I didn't know. -- I'm new here -- he kept her for a week and then started working on her. I saw, (my phone is connected to my truck) where he took it to another place. Then, he took it on a test drive, but it was 12 miles away. It was parked for about three hours at the same place. Then, I notice went he came back, but 6 miles the other way. He than took off and within 5 minutes my truck stopped. It was going to be 11 o'clock p. m. I didn't know what was happening, but I had some notions.

The next day, I asked a friend if he would drive me to find my truck. After searching awhile, we found it under lock and key. It cost me 320.00 dollars to have my baby released from the pound. I drove it out of there, but it had the same problems. I parked her behind my home for a week. The mechanic was charged with DWI and was in jail the last I knew. Yet, my God is looking out for me, another friend came by and checked it and found that the catalytic converter was not good. I'm having her refitted with the whole muffler system and hope to have her Monday.

Monday will become Tuesday and every day is the same. The world is in lock down. That's not saying much, so I'll fill you in in what we (my wife and I have been doing.)

In November 2019, we move to our present location to start a new life. We are retired persons living on that mighty social security check. We had our property since 1996, paying it in monthly installments. In 2018 we finished paying it all off. We sacrificed many desires, for the future came first. Nevertheless, the future is here. It has left the world striving to survive, since survival is what everyone wants. As I was saying, we came to a shell of a house and have been working on our DREAM home. Got good credit and I'm using it, but we sleep in cots, my king-side plush bed is far away. My poor aching back.

Back to my story. We finally got internet and a 32-inch smart TV, my other three are back were we used to live. I started making furniture because I haven't got any. Just call me "That Southern Gentleman" because I caress my wood. I'll be truthful though; my work is rustic (Smile). Still, I got most of the insulation and sheetrock in place. I need to do the spackling and the rest of the stuff that goes with it. Meanwhile, I'm doing the plumbing, the plumber did a sh--ty job and I got leaks galore. I had to take down the sheetrock to do it. Kinda pisses me off. In the meantime, I'm burning wood and trash, (affecting the ozone, I know) but no one picks up the trash. The world is hurting and nobody cares. Yet, I do, I wish everything was fine and no one was dying, but I can't do much. I keep a part of my property wooded for the birds and whatnots. I have an armadillo living on my acre and he digs all over, eating roots. I believe there is a coyote living not far me, but I haven't seen it. My son-in-law did though. There's a wild pig that visits, on occasion. Also have some snakes, but if they don't bite me, it's cool, they keep the mice in check.

That is us, living in confinement from the effects of the coronavirus. Here we hear that constant voice that frays upon our mind.

"Do this and not that. Wash your hands. Are you crazy, or just dumb? Wear a mask."

This bad cold of the dinosaurs is driving everyone crazy. Why do I say dinosaurs? Well, because (to my belief, it was revived in a lab and then used to reduce life forms from a part of the world.) The only problem with this is that it got out of hand. Now, the world has to stay at home and go insane. There is just so much one can do inside a house.

Well, here's my story. Not the greatest writing in the world, but a true one. So, smile, if you can, if you can't, you're in the same boat with me.

Wonders will never cease, only life for those that give up.

How Has Covid-19 Affected You? contest entry

Wrote this right now. Hope it isn't hopeless and makes sense. Then again, we all have a story to tell. So write, my friends, and keep each other informed. Help each other the way our God hoped for. We are one people, we are the same.
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