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Neu wants to get a translation

A chapter in the book Killer Candy

Surprising Discoveries, Part 1

by krprice

Serria and Keur are investigating who is making candy killing children.
Up early the next morning, Serria called Keur.
“Hey, Serria,” Keur said. “Have any more of those delicious pastries? I ate the last this morning.”
“Nope. Just some nasty news.”
“Not more kids dying, I hope.”
“No. Last night Mak told me he discovered there were not one but two candies. One is green and has an addictive substance it in called asenophol. The other is the red one. He found isherene in it, a very old heart medicine, which could kill kids.”
“Better alert Detective Danforth,” Keur said. “What is Rohn’s involvement in this?”
“Don’t know, but we’d better find out soon. And he is next on my list to call, and then Doctor Slitherspit.”
“Let me know what you find out.”
“Will do.” They cut the link.
She contacted Doctor Slitherspit next.
“Now I know what to look for,” she said. “Gerrik and Stevos have been finding these sweets in little baskets and bringing them to me for disposal. I’ll start testing them for those substances. Thanks for the information.”
Next Serria called Detective Danforth and told him what Mak had said and what the Fanghorn Brothers keep locating.
“I’ll send some people out immediately for some and have them analyzed. Thanks.”
Lastly, she rang up Tandra and passed on the information.
“That explains why several men have been coming in and demanding those green ones,” Tandra said. “I keep telling them I don’t make them. Now I know why they want them. I’ll pass word around they have to get them elsewhere.”
Tandra thanked her before they bid goodbye.
Serria spent the rest of the morning adding the new information to her notes.
When he finished helping Vik and Lady Natalia with the medical evacuations, Neu landed on Alosia since he had a chore to accomplish. After making arrangements for fuel, water, and food for the ship, he grabbed an aircab to Kondreal Jewelry Shop.
A bell jingled as he entered. Gems, necklaces, bracelets, and other assorted colored objects surrounded him in glasses cases, glittering in not only the sunlight but in the lights around the place. He wondered if this was what the inside of a rainbow looked like.
Moments later a short, stout Alosian with white hair bustled in.
“May I help you?” he asked, a loupe hanging around his neck.
Neu ambled up to the counter and pulled out the cloth bag from his pocket. “I found these and would like to get them appraised.” He upended the bag on the glass top.
The man’s dark green eyes widened and grew to the size of a small plate.
“Where did you get these, Mr. Knotts?” He paused then added, “I am Delmar Willowson.”
“I’d rather not say, but I didn’t steal them.” Neu bristled. “And how did you know my name?”
Delmar laughed. “That head of curly red hair. A distinct trait of the Knott family.” He surveyed three crimson jewels, then the three dark green ones, and finally the two midnight blue ones with his loupe. They varied in size and shape. “Guess you found them on some of the planets on the outer rim.”
“Something like that.”
“They are rare, priceless,” Delmar said and looked up, staring Neu right in the eyes. “You could get whatever you wanted for them. I know of an appraiser who would help you get lots of money for them, but he would ask for a generous cut.”
“Thank you,” Neu said as he returned the gems to the bag. He figured with his family and friends connections he wouldn’t have to share anything or not too much.
After leaving the store, he took an aircab back to the terminal, paid for those items he had ordered, and flew up to the Knotts Shipyard.
Lights twinkled amongst the array of docks that sprawled across the vacuum of space some four light years away from the space station. Neu parked his ship at the family area and took a tram to the inner circle of the facility. He walked down the blue tiled hallway to his grandfather’s office. The door was open,
He peaked in. “Grandpa?”
“Since when did you stop calling me grandpappy and started calling me Grandpa?” a baritone voice asked.
“Since I grew up,” Neu answered, dashed into the room, rounded the kekkrikat desk, and hugged the old man.
“Don’t squash me,” Odd Knotts grumbled.
Neu let go, walked back around, and sat in the dark blue chair opposite his grandfather.
“I’ve been doing a little exploring in CEMAR,” Neu said. “And I found these.” He emptied the bag in the middle of the desk. “I took them to an appraiser who said they were priceless, but I didn’t tell him where I got them. I’d like you to put them in your safe.”
His grandfather stared at the gems, then at Neu, and back at the gems. He picked each one up, examined it, and then put it down before doing the same to another one.
“I hope you’ve kept track of where you got them,” the elder man said. “Were there anymore?”
“Yes and yes,” Neu said. “Though any other gems would have to be dug out.”
“I can think of many who would buy these and not ask where you got them,” his grandpa said. “Put them back in the bag.”
Neu did as asked and then stood. Neu watched his grandfather rise, push the chair to the left, and move a blue rug aside. He opened a trapdoor, inserted key from his keyring in a lock. When it clicked, the old man opened the safe. Then he grabbed the bag with them gems and put it inside, closing and locking everything before covering it up.
Neu walked around and hugged his grandfather again. “Thank you.”
“Come around more,” Grandpa said.
“I hope to,” Neu said, left the shipyard, and returned to the space station,
In his room he called Serria.
“How did the rescue go?” Serria asked.
“We got a lot of people to safety,” Neu said. “If I flew you to Crescenji, would you introduce me to your mother and see if she can translate that scroll I found?”
“Of course,” Serria said. “When do you want to go?”
“Tomorrow morning, maybe around nine.  I’m in bay ten.”
“See you at the ship then.”
Dramatis Personae of Deadly Sweets
Cultures of Deadly Sweets
Alosian—canary yellow skinned, Nordic culture
Crescenji—brown-skinned, warrior culture
Jetahn—white-skinned, Russian culture
Kaskellia—red/crimson skinned, Chinese culture
Muswella—black-skinned, Scottish culture
Muswella—desert, brown-skinned, Meiglan, Islamic culture
Muswella—desert, brown-skinned, Nutmeigs, Radical Islamic culture
Dramatis Personae
Serria Stripeclaw—Crescenji Warrior, private investigator, partnered with Keur
Keur Matiason— Half Alosian, half Kaskellian, computer expert, private investigator, partnered with Serria
Vik Juleskova—Half Jetahni, half Kaskellian, trader, owner of RAINBOW DREAMS
Mike Brimsen—Alosian, trader, co-owns the SILVER MOON
Shaylyne Brimsen—Alosian, trader, co-owns the SILVER MOON
Alyci McCready—Muswellan, black-skinned, agent at Thair and Thatt Agency
Lieu Kwan—Kaskellian, Keur’s aunt, famous for her teas
Skerry Royk—Kaskellian, Vik’s mother, bioengineering specialist
Rogel Irriksohn—Alosian, rich, owner of Irriksohn Corporation
Mak Redtail-- Crescenjian, doctor on Alosian Space Station, Serria’s boyfriend
Neu Knotts—Alosian, rich, trading partner with Keur Matiason, owner of BRIGHT STAR
Hans Dansforth—Alosian, detective on Kondreal Police Force

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