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No Return by Robert Zimmerman

This work has reached the exceptional level

Yes, there is a "point of no return" for both words and deeds. The term refers to travel, such as by sea or air, when it is more practical to keep going rather than turn back because the halfway point in distance to the destination (or, at least, safe harbor or landing place) has been passed. Especially with words which have consequences, the point of no return is instant, as they cannot be unheard or unseen. The same applies to many interpersonal actions, as they cannot be unfelt, even if an apology is offered (though that, if sincere, is better than nothing).

Accordingly, your advice in this poem is wise.

Superb, and aptly illustrated.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 12-Feb-2020

Rax by lyenochka
Chapter 188 of the book Word for That

This work has reached the exceptional level

You are right that "rax" is a good word to know for its utility in each of its senses, as well as a good rhyme in poetry. As usual, you define it well and provide numerous examples of its use.

I wonder whether the George Watson quote ("A've rax't ma brains, but canna mind.") is related to the expression, "racked my brains" (as in tortured by stretching on the rack).


Regarding your relevant poem, you could be low in magnesium, a very common mineral deficiency. Mg is involved in most bodily processes, so maintaining sufficient levels is important. The best form for absorption and benefit to the brain is Magnesium L-Threonate. Avoid supplementing with Magnesium Oxide, as that is the laxative form. Magnesium Carbonate is inexpensive, but not well absorbed.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 12-Feb-2020

Light My Fire in Satire by Sally Law

Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

This satirical post is funny in a heartwarming way, as I know the joy you and Jackson share because you are "still married to the keeper of the flame." Jose Feliciano playing "Light My Fire" fits your theme well, and the illustration is a punny play on the name of that widely-known online dating site.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 10-Feb-2020

Little Miss Band Shoes by Mastery

This work has reached the exceptional level

It seems you won a far more important lottery, Bob, as your Lynie is a gem you could not have known to buy with that million (or whatever would have been left after taxes, had you won). What you DID have after taxes was still significant at the time, and she made that possible through her frugality.

My own wife collected and organized coupons the same way, as they were useful to us then. As a result, there were some recurring items such as fabric softener we NEVER bought at full price. (She didn't drive because of a peripheral vision issue; so, either I took her or she gave me the list and coupons to use.) We'd wait for an item to go on sale, then pull out enough coupons to stock up on it for months -- double savings at a time that really mattered. Now that she is gone (nearly nineteen years now), I don't bother with coupons, as nothing I eat or use has any. I still stock up when something I use is on sale, though.

Please accept my condolences for loss of your daughter. I didn't know about that, though I recall your story about your son. Resultant emotions sometimes tear a marriage apart, so I'm glad you and Lynie managed to weather that phase of your lives together.

There's an extra benefit in buying cotton items from Goodwill which few people realize. Most cotton clothing, towels, and bedding are made with GMO cotton now; and that means they contain toxins not present years ago -- and not easily washed out, even with frequent washing. Older cotton items at Goodwill (and some garage sales) may predate that current scourge (or, at least, may have been washed enough to reduce the threat). So, besides being low cost, they may be safer.

Overall, this post is heartwarming, so I waited to have a Six for it.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 09-Feb-2020

Double Blind ~ Chapter One by Sally Law
Chapter 1 of the book Double Blind

This work has reached the exceptional level

Seamlessly continuing from What the Blind Girl Saw, this first chapter of Double Blind (an intriguing title in itself) gets off to a running start (quite literally in places).

Keeping already likeable characters together is a good way to build a following for this growing book series. Having Detective Lembowsky right next door (as you indicated at the end of the first book) looks like a key element in this one. Taking King with him on an evening walk to his office thus feels natural. I like the "psychic dog" part of King's timely appearance with his leash.

That the suspicious character Mike meets along the way knows of the trial just concluded is plausible because of media coverage; but, like the good detective, I had a hunch that his presence is more than a curiosity trip. That was confirmed in Section Five, as he changes identity and appearance.

Meanwhile, the vivid dream is psychic too, as the pronounced cigarette smell is effective foreshadowing, based on what we already know. Mike's thoughts while running back in tow by King add to this notion.

The call to the stranger's throw-away phone suggests he is a paid assassin stalking a particular female at the behest of someone who eventually must be brought to justice -- the true villain in this mystery.

In Section Six, the attitude of college student Clementine Jones is also plausible, as not uncommon these days. Being captivated by cliches about preferences plus intense blue eyes is not unusual either. Clearly, though, skipping notifying her friends about where she is going and why is a fatal mistake, though I doubt that she is the real target. Just as clearly, what will happen to her will ultimately prove to be the killer's undoing, as his presence in the area already is no longer a secret.

Yes, I want to read more of this new tale. Superb, and aptly illustrated.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 09-Feb-2020

It Is Well by Sally Law

This work has reached the exceptional level

Based on my latest research, you are absolutely right in your first stanza of this superb expression of your faith -- but not for the reason(s) everyone thinks. I will not distract by elaborating here, except to say that faith as strong as yours is vital for weathering the times ahead, but not sufficient without righteous action -- meaning you are also right that we must "not bend / into the foul" (self-serving deeds) rather than standing with others to fend off the growing Evil which threatens us all. Prayer and belief alone cannot and will not save us. We MUST act, at the ballot box, in our writing, and in every other way we can to reverse the evil trends in this world. We who are still alive on Earth will be judged on our ACTS, not by our faith alone while passively waiting for God to fix everything FOR us.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 07-Feb-2020

The Angel of Ireland by Sally Law

This work has reached the exceptional level

This is a superbly heartwarming story of Dr. Sedrick McGrath, legendary Angel of Ireland, performing one of his life-transforming deeds for a man who had lost hope of being able to support his family because the factory where he once worked had closed months before.

My favorite part:
"... I'm a pathetic loser!"
... "The one who sent me doesn't think so."

Most of us could not bestow the gift of a house, but we all can do smaller acts of kindness every day. Even a smile lifts a spirit. No one ever shares enough hugs in a lifetime, but something as simple as a well-earned word of praise and/or encouragement can make a big difference.

Your stories are a welcome loving moment amid this world's harsh realities.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 04-Feb-2020

A Non Sequitur by Robert Zimmerman

This work has reached the exceptional level

Clearly those who believed their own lies underestimated the intelligence of those who knew the truth. You expressed it well in fewer words. Superb, and aptly illustrated.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 04-Feb-2020
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Letters From Heaven's Gateway #4 by Sally Law

This work has reached the exceptional level

Your stories in this series certainly prove the often disastrous consequences of procrastination in matters of love. This too-frequently cruel world does take lives much earlier than anticipated, so the only defense is to seize the moment as soon as it appears.

We don't know whether Robert, the soldier who wrote the included love letter, survived the war and came home to his family unharmed. That is plausible motivation for Theresa to write to Manny to say she won't hesitate any longer to marry him.

Your description of her incognito train ride is realistic, as is Manny's euphoria about her expected arrival.

You stretch out the suspense plausibly with the unexplained delay of her arrival, combined with Manny's inability to reach her by cell phone.

The events following his finding her after the train's derailment, ironically not far from the station, are sad but pure love in the brief time they still have together -- on-the-spot marriage (just as legally binding as any other), and Manny's later adoption of Theresa's son, Charlie. His playing catch with Charlie is a fitting end to this story, both reminding us of the soldier's expressed wish in his letter and showing that life goes on.

Superb, aptly illustrated, and well accompanied by Soul's relevant "Love's Divine" video.
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 02-Feb-2020

The Railroad Man by rspoet

This work has reached the exceptional level

Being old enough to remember working steam engines pulling freight through the village where I lived, and hand-cranked crossing gates where the tracks crossed Main Street (operated by a man who lived in a little hut right there), I much enjoyed this original ballad. Yes, there were engineers who made such fatal errors, not all of whom live on in song. The story is realistic, and the repeated calls for Joe to slow down add to the effect.

Superb, aptly illustrated, and well accompanied by the instrumental music of matching rhythm and pace. This ballad could be sung to that tune. If you change the category to "Song Lyrics" you may top the All Time Best rankings in that category once you have enough reviews. Now all you need is a male singer and a good string band with a drummer....

This ought to be a candidate for Poem of the Month.

Two suggestions:

In couplet 5, line 2, I recommend replacing the semicolon with a comma
because the preceding words are not a main clause (no verb). Switch
the two parts (mentally) to see why the comma is appropriate.

In couplet 10, line 2, respell the last word to preserve the syllable count
and meter: airplane. => aeroplane. [This fits the era better too.]
Comment Written by WalkerMan on 02-Feb-2020

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