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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: October 25, 2020      Views: 19

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I don't know what I write until I write it. I make mistakes, but what I write comes from my heart. I used to post what I wrote that same day. Now, I take a little more time because I write to make you smile.

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The world depends on the oxygen in the air.
"Trees, the Breath of Our Earth" by poetwatch
Thank our Creator for the air we breathe
He made it renewable.
Every breath His earthly kiss.
Hold it in your lungs let it out slowly.
Feels good, right?
Well, maybe not as before,
But keeps us alive.

Lets rewind two hundred fifty years
(More or less)
The air was sweeter than sugar.
No sky seen through the trees
They grew everywhere.

The American Indian helped the settlers
Live off the land,
But clearing land was in demand.
They plowed the fields, built a home.
Thank God for the trees.

The deer came and became food,
The bear growled was left alone.
The eagle flew the skies on freedom's wings,
Landing on living trees.

People came, it was a race,
The melting pot was cooking.
Law-abiding people,
Poor people, prisoners,
Rich people, thieves, killers,
Black and brown slaves,
Soldiers of fortune destined
The building blocks of our nation,
Building homes and businesses.

Move forward 'bout one hundred years.
Black men are freemen, not free.
The American Indian, once free on their land,
Lived on a reservation.
The air smells of smoke, sweat,
The trees work overtime
It still stinks.

More people migrant
More homes built.
Logging companies cut trees,
Factories born make everything.
There is work for people of all races.
Money's in the air, greed is everywhere.
Cut more trees!
Trees choke breath extinguished.
Yet, we breathe.

The railroad crosses the land
Spiting fire, burning trees.
Then, oil blackens the heart.
Car, airplanes, and war circle around
Buzzards in the sky.
The air's polluted the earth has short time.
Trees burn by the millions
The rest... cut down.
No shade to hide under
No life can be seen.

We may live,
But won't see
The hole as hell opens

Without the breath from trees.

Author Notes
I have a thing about giving life to the future. Without our sayings who will speak? Trees give us breath. Are we killing them for our greed or need? An article I just read on Yahoo inspired this free-verse poem. Here is the article.

Republicans want to open pristine Alaska wilderness to logging. It's a tragedy.

Thank you, Lucas. :)
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Lucas Sizov at

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