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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: January 24, 2021      Views: 71

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I'm just a hillbilly poet.
I write what I think-feel-believe.
I don't review posts less than 150 characters.

He is a top ranked author at the #11 position.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #60 spot on this years rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #31 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
The Future Awaits (1111 words)
"Unity Is Just Around The Corner" by Robert Zimmerman

On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. Constitutional Amendments 1-2-10-12 are four that the new president’s party wants to change. The policies he has endorsed with his flurry of executive orders are being adopted to gain more control of American lives. True to his word, he deconstructed Trump policies using executive orders. Unity is just around the corner.
He decided not to speak about impeaching a former president who is now a private citizen. When did the Constitution permit impeachment of private citizens? Rhetorical questions and comments can be answered by reading the text of the Constitution. Impeachment is used to remove an official from office. What do they plan to remove Mr. Trump from? You cannot remove something from a place where it is not. An example would be to remove the Great Pyramid of Giza from Times Square in NYC. I perceive this is all part of the unity movement in the Democrat party. Mr. Biden said there are “Dark Days Ahead.” Unity is just around the corner.
The pretense of unity is just that; pretense. Biden’s unity simply stated is: “You have to agree with us on everything.” Democrats have called for re-education, deprogramming, blacklisting, and an unconstitutional impeachment. I posted a poem called “Impeachment 2” on February 17, 2020. This was after the failed impeachment attempt of President Trump. I predicted Congress would make a second impeachment attempt. The House intel committee ignored the China virus intelligence because they were busy impeaching Trump. They failed to act. Unity is just around the corner.
Where do they plan to re-educate and deprogram these people? They will have to build a lot of gulags or re-education camps to house them all. That could be the start of Biden’s “infrastructure program.” What happens if these folks don’t want to go? These are the people Hillary Clinton called deplorables. James Comey said, “The Republican Party has to be burned to the ground.” 1/21/2021. [The Hill]   Unity is just around the corner
This will make the fissure deeper between parties. Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden want retribution and payback (That’s the typical playground mentality of five-year-olds). They want unfettered power to “transform America.” Otherwise, they would call a halt to this and attend to the millions of people who have no jobs and fading hopes because their state will not allow them to operate their businesses. Unity is just around the corner.
I wrote a poem on 11/22/2020 called, “Who Will They Hate Now?” Now we know who they will hate. The 75,000,000 voters who supported Mr. Trump’s policies are next in line for their irrational wrath. That screams unity. They want to blacklist Republicans and conservatives that served in the Trump Administration as well as people that voted for him. Unity is just around the corner.
On 1/21/2021 Mr. Biden stopped the Keystone Pipeline Project. A few thousand jobs in the US and a thousand in Canada are the price. Energy costs will go up. It will make the USA more reliant on foreign energy sources. What jobs does Joe have planned for the thousands that will lose theirs in the energy production industries? Fracking is next.  Unity is just around the corner.
The new president refunded WHO. Remember them? That is the agency that takes its instructions from Beijing. Those are the folks who colluded with China’s lies about the origin and transmissibility of COVID-19. Unity is just around the corner.
Mr. Biden plans to stop border enforcement and shut down wall building on the southern border. He has stopped deportation of all criminal aliens back to their countries. They will receive protection here. Based on Biden’s comments, there are thousands more people coming from Central America now. They believe he has invited them to enter our country. Biden plans to give amnesty to 11,000,000 illegals living here now. That number is closer to 20,000,000. That equals the population of Romania or Chile. We have adopted a new term in America for people illegally entering the country. We call them “law abiding illegals.” There is no such thing. Law abiders obey the law, not break it. Unity is just around the corner.
Congress called for 25,000 National Guard troops in DC for the inauguration. Now Pelosi wants standing orders for 15,000 National Guard to be stationed in DC. WHY? I remember when she referred to the National Guard in Portland, OR as “Storm Troopers.” They were protecting the federal courthouse there. I won’t use the word hypocrisy because it’s overused and overdone. It understates the actual issue. Unity is just around the corner.
He wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Your Big Mac without the combo will go for $6.00. Enjoy it. Of course, get it at the drive-up window. When McDonalds replaces all the staff with robots, the hourly rate for them is “depreciation.” Unity is just around the corner.
Another order from Biden allows biological males, identifying as female, to compete against females in athletic competition. Perhaps he is trying to stop females from competing in athletics. I wonder how this will help America recover from COVID-19. Unity is just around the corner.
The intent is to make Biden’s presidency Obama’s third term. Susan Rice will run Biden’s domestic policy. In 2014, she said Bowe Bergdahl “Served the United States with honor and distinction.” For the uninformed, he deserted his Army unit in Afghanistan in 2009. American Soldiers were lost searching for him. I’m wondering if Obama will have an office in the White House. One of the first things Obama did was remove the bust of Churchill. Mr.Trump put it back. Biden made sure it was again removed from the Oval Office. I wonder why. Unity is just around the corner.
America is going to be transformed because of the policies of Joe Biden. A free America is at risk. The left has decided Conservatives are a threat to democracy. They intend to suppress the rights of people that disagree with them.  Unity is just around the corner.
Progressives believe they have all the answers, and the unwashed masses are just too stupid to understand what’s happening. This philosophy resulted in the deaths of 100,000,000 during the 20th century. It was espoused by Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Kim, Castro, and every other totalitarian during the century. Unity is just around the corner.
Do not forget the motto of the left that has been so well articulated. Here are the words of the statesman Charles Schumer on 11/7/2020. “Now we take Georgia, then we take the world.” “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.” 
Unity is just around the corner.


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